Super Bomberman R Online no longer Stadia exclusive, coming to PC and consoles

Konami recently announced that Super Bomberman R Online will now be releasing PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam “soon”.

Initially a Stadia exclusive, Super Bomberman R Online’s main mode is Battle 64, a battle royale take on the classic franchise. Each match is split into multiple arenas that slowly close off as time progresses.

The upcoming console and PC versions look to be following a similar payment model to the Stadia release, offering the base game for free with an optional “Premium Pack”. Buying this pack unlocks extra playable characters from various Konami IPs, plus some additional modes — including a standard version of Bomberman for up to 16 players.

Uncertainty around the future of Stadia has never really helped the few exclusives available for the platform, so this might be the chance Super Bomberman R Online needs to find a larger playerbase. The inclusion of cross-platform play will certainly help too.

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