Super Bomberman R Online heads to PS4, Switch, and PC next week

Konami has revealed the release date for Super Bomberman R Online on certain non-Stadia platforms. It’ll release on May 27 for PS4, Switch and PC via Steam as a free-to-play title.

It’s still planned for Xbox One, though that version does not have a release date yet.

Super Bomberman R Online is primarily a battle royale, pitting 64 players against each other in multiple connected arenas. In a similar fashion to Tetris 99, old-school Bomberman is still an option — if you buy the “Premium Pack” DLC. This includes bonus costumes based on other Konami characters as well.

With the game’s launch on other platforms, a seasons system is also making an appearance. It’s Super Bomberman R Online’s version of a battle pass, offering both free and paid tiers of rewards.

One final addition as part of the first season is Old Snake Bomber, based on Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid 4.

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