Super Mario Maker 2 Adds World Maker & More

 Super Mario Maker 2 Adds World Maker & More

Nintendo have revealed that the final Super Mario Maker 2 update will add the ability to make a world map. Also revealed was the ability to add Koopalings as enemies, and a variety of new powerups.

Super Mario Maker 2 Update Trailer

As stated above, this will be the final major update for Super Mario Maker 2, with the team likely moving on to a new project, how good would a Mario Kart Maker be?!

New powerups include the Frog Suit, a mushroom that turns Mario into a Super Mario Bros 2 version of himself, the super acorn, and more.

World Maker works similarly to the rest of the game, using a point and click method to build your world map, you can customise all sorts of things, from terrain to characters. Once you’re happy with your layout, you can assign all your created levels to different points in the world map – so at this point you can basically create an entire Mario game.

You have quite a lot of freedom here, as you’re allowed 8 worlds, and 40 levels to link together.

The last update will arrive on April 22, 2020!

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