Gamestop’s Super Mario puzzle is a fucking joke, right?

 Gamestop’s Super Mario puzzle is a fucking joke, right?

Have you seen the Super Mario puzzle they have over at Gamestop? I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn’t some kind of hoax. Now there’s nothing wrong with a Mario puzzle as such – but this one is outrageous in its unremitting shitness.



Sure, Mario is on there but, you know – it’s otherwise just a sea of red.


Just Red.


A bleak canvas of red.



That’s the same colour as a Human’s bleeding eye sockets after it’s tried to complete a Super Mario puzzle which just consists of the colour red.


Go on kids, treat yourselves.


As a child, one hateful relative bought me a puzzle which was just loads of spilled baked beans. Just beans.


I completed it through sheer iron-willed stubbornness – but not before it drove me completely mental. Shortly after I finished it, I calmly walked down stairs and tried to murder my entire family.


In other news, Nintendo are about to announce their EXCLUSIVE new Zelda puzzle. It’s free to anyone who completes their Psych Evaluation after completing the Mario Puzzle.


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