Super Neptunia RPG Introduces Two New Characters

Super Neptunia RPG has introduced two new characters, Chrom and Firin, who will play a large role in the upcoming side-scroller. Not much has been revealed about them just yet, but you can get a look at them in their official artworks!





Chrom is a mysterious girl who is being chased by Silkworm, and she meets up with Neptune when she returns Histoire to her one day along with bestowing some advice. What will Neptune do with it, I wonder?





Firin is a fan of 2D games and claims that 3D games are evil, which is fitting for a a 3D series which has turned 2D for this installment. She’s also a leading member of Silkworm, and has an intense love for Chrom to the point that if Chrom is around, she’ll drop everything to chase her.



Super Neptunia RPG releases on PS4 and Switch this Winter in Europe and North America.


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