Supercharged Robot VULKAISER Review (PC)

Supercharged Robot VULKAISER is a new title by Astro Port, creators of shoot ’em ups such as Satazius, Gigantic Army and Armed Seven. This time you get a hold of your own 70’s anime mecha – Vulkaiser, coupled with your buddies, VulFighter team, and professor Amamori in order to save the Earth from a formidable foe from the far reaches of space!


The game features simple 2D side-scrolling shoot ’em up  gameplay style. Most of the time you will be using only a single button to shoot. Upon letting go of the attack button you will activate a charged attack that accumulates after a while. There is also a bomb attack, but these are rare as you get only one from combining with your allies.



The gameplay is no nonsense – You have one life with a health bar and no continues. There is the ability to combine with 4 different crafts – kaisers from your VulFighter team: Rocket, Needle, Thunder and a Drill Kaiser. Each gives you a different attack and charge. A twist here is that each of your allies also has their own life bar, so make sure to keep note of that as well. After each episode – stage, you get a message from the ally you picked. And if you keep the same ally around you will get more of their story.


There is Kimiko, a cute girl in her Needle Kaiser, sexy Suzuna, a Drill Kaiser girl, Yukimasa, a badass dude in his Rocket Kaiser and finally, Kaiko, a younger brother archetype in his Thunder Kaiser. Not to forget professor Amamori and the commander of the enemy army, Roz, a reoccurring mid-boss type character.



What I like most about Supercharged Robot VULKAISER, isn’t its gameplay or the story but the execution. Each detail makes you feel like you are playing as a character out of some old school 70’s mecha anime, from the character designs to the cheesy theme song and even hard coded subs, reminiscent of old subbing style in anime.



There are 6 stages with 4 difficulty levels and 34 achievements, as well as trading cards to collect on Steam. If you are feeling nostalgia for animes such as Combattler V and like a bit of shoot ’em up action, Supercharged Robot VULKAISER will be an enjoyable title to keep you occupied over the weekend.


You can pick it up on Steam for only 5 bucks.


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