SWERY’s The Good Life Crowd Funding Campaign Is Now Open

 SWERY’s The Good Life Crowd Funding Campaign Is Now Open

The Fig campaign for SWERY’s latest title, The Good Life, is underway. It is going strong and they already managed to earn over 10% of their $1,500,000 goal. The pledge rewards go from $29 for the digital copy of the game up to $34,999 for you and your cat to appear in the game and potentially be brutally murdered. If the campaign is successful the game should be out around Q3 2019.



The game is set in a rural British town Rainy Woods. You will play as Naomi a photographer from New York as she tries to payoff her massive depth while coping with life in this backwoods town. While they call Rainy Woods the happiest town in the world it is not without its surprises as you will be tasked to solve the murder case of a young girl. Not only that but everyone in this town turns into a cat at night, allowing you explore the rooftops at your pleasure.


The art style is truly a breath of fresh air, reminding us on the short lived The Tomorrow Children. White Owls studio released a couple of videos which even include gameplay footage. Check them out bellow:





If you missed the original debut trailer you can catch it here.


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