Switch Otome games library is about to get MUCH bigger

Seems like the Switch Otome games library is about to explode. This weeks issue of Famitsu has teased a number of future plans from Idea Factory. Given that this is the companies 25th Anniversary, Idea Factory president Yoshiteru Sato and Compile Heart President, Norihisa Kochiwa shared details of what may be in store for fans soon.


Great news for Switch Otome games lovers – Otomate is planning to release ALL of it’s upcoming Otome catalogue to Nintendo Switch!


Otomate Switch


If every there was proof needed that Switch is slowly becoming Vita 2 for gamers, then this is it. Sato-san then went on to say that they will be annoucing even more Otomate titles during their party in June. He also teased that he’d like to develop a Strategy game similar to Spectral Force.



Lastly, and rather cryptically, Compile Geart president Norihisa Kochiwa stated that as this is the 25th Anniversary of Idea Factory, Compile Heart is planning to make a brand new game that will surprise everybody. They have also confirmed that they have a brand new RPG in development which will follow ‘current trends’. If by ‘current trends’ I hope he doesn’t mean mobile.


Switch Otome


More details will be revealed this coming Spring, and also during the company-wide celebration in June.


Still, this is brilliant for fans of Switch Otome games. For the record, the Otomate Switch Games currently undergoing ports are the following



Birushanah Senki: Genpeiden

Norne + Nonette


Sengoku Night Blood

Shiritsu Versailles Gakuen

Reine des Fleurs 

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