Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment preview videos

With Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment due for release on PS Vita in Japan in  a couple of days and in North America on PSN this summer, I figured it would be a good opportunity to post up some videos – mainly because I don’t think we’ve covered it on Rice in the past and I felt it was worthy of a mention.


Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment is a sequel of sorts to the PSP’s original Sword Art Online – and it comes in two parts. The first being the original game as well as its update, Infinity Moment. The first half will be familiar to fans of the anime for it’s floor clearing structure.



Gameplay-wise, you assume control of Kirito and the combat itself is all in real-time. You team up with characters from the anime of course – and though they are largely governed by AI, you can issue commands for them to defend or heal etc.



The second part is Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment itself – which includes a brand new area and introduces some much needed multiplayer elements. This is the Hollow Area, where you can form raids with up to four other players.



True to the anime, the first half of the game will prove to be excellent, while the last half will prove to be bizarrely disappointing. This may, or may not be true – but I couldn’t resist a little anime-based joke there because… you know…




Anyway – better yet, Bandai Namco recently announced that it will be making it’s way to North America as a PSN download this coming summer, so I’m sure a European version won’t be far behind!

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