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Top 12 Suits in Gaming

The world of video games is ripe with people wearing stylish suits, and it’s time to give them their moment in the limelight. There are many we’d like to name but alas, we will only name the top 12 best suits in gaming today. Who knows, maybe we’ll return with more another day?   Without […]Read More

Rice Gaming & Anime Awards 2016

We’ve already done the Reader’s Choice Awards for this year, but the year isn’t over just yet! Oscar, Holly, and Peter shed some light on what they liked most and liked less of the many games and anime that 2016 had to offer. So without further ado, here are the Rice Gaming & Anime Awards 2016!   […]Read More

Ace Attorney Phoenix Figma Gets New Pictures

The Ace Attorney 15th Anniversary web page has updated with new pictures of the Phoenix Figma. The figure is now available for pre-order and is due for release in May 2017. Check out some of the pictures below:         It’s good to see some pictures of this in colour now! It’s a […]Read More

Ace Attorney 15th Anniversary Celebrations

Well, 12th October 2016 marks the 15th anniversary of the release of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney! Of course, Capcom have some special things planned to celebrate 15 years of this widely-loved franchise. If you missed the Ace Attorney 15th Anniversary history video released back in September, you can take a look below:     So, […]Read More

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Gets Smartphone Release

Capcom have announced a port of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney for iOS and Android devices coming this winter! This is exciting news, as it means 1 through 5 will now be playable on iOS in English. The original trilogy isn’t available in English for Android users though…       This is a great opportunity for […]Read More

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice Review (3DS)

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice is the sixth main series instalment of the Ace Attorney series. After an initial fantastic trilogy, Ace Attorney has always struggled to find its footing with what exactly it is, but the latest instalment feels like the most refined and focused entry in the series.   Game director Takeshi […]Read More

The Great Ace Attorney 2 Trailer Gets English Subtitles

Capcom announced a sequel to 19th Century Ace Attorney spin-off, The Great Ace Attorney, at TGS this year, and revealed a debut trailer. The trailer for The Great Ace Attorney 2 has now been uploaded with English subtitles. Watch it and weep below:     This game looks stunning, just like its predecessor. I’m a […]Read More

Ace Attorney 6 Europe Release Date Revealed

The Ace Attorney 6 Europe release date has been revealed as soon as next month, with a demo being released towards the end of August for those who simply cannot wait to get back to the court room! Take that! Objection! Hold it! Zvarri! Other catchphrases!   With the subtitle Spirit of Justice, justice is […]Read More

Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice English trailer released

Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice has had its first English trailer released which shows off how most characters will sound, as well as some story details.   The trailer, which you can watch below, shows off the battles that Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes will be facing, as well as giving us a […]Read More

Ace Attorney 6 Release Date, Trailers and Demo

It’s no secret we at RiceDigital love Ace Attorney series and are excited for its 6th installment. The Japanese release date has been revealed, as well as brand new trailers and a browser based demo of the game itself!       In Ace Attorney 6 we will see the return of some beloved characters like Maya Fey, […]Read More