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Dusk Diver Release Date and New Trailer Revealed

PQube has announced the release date for anime action-RPG Dusk Diver, which is coming to PS4, Switch, and Steam later this year! A new trailer was also released, showing off some action-packed gameplay in the streets of Taipei’s Ximending district. This is looking good! The settings and character designs look really nice. The combat system […]Read More

Gungrave VR Marks the Return of the Franchise

Originally released in 2002 for the PlayStation 2, Gungrave was an action-packed third person shooter. The series was popular enough to receive an anime one year later and a follow up game after that. Now 15 years later the franchise is making a resurgence with Gungrave VR.     This will be a new title […]Read More

First Code Vein Trailer Showcases a Ruined World

Bandai Namco just recently announced Code Vein, an anime vampire action game from the God Eater team. They already had me at “anime vampire”, but if that wasn’t enough then Bandai Namco have just released the first Code Vein trailer.     It does what you’d want from a first trailer, introducing the world and […]Read More

Gantz: O Review – CGI at Its Best

Hearing the name of your favorite anime or manga followed by the ominous words live-action or CGI is rarely something to get excited about. Thankfully Gantz O is actually surprisingly solid of a flick that stays true to the franchise.     For those new to the series, Gantz follows a group of people who […]Read More

Panties Action Game Pan Pan is On Steam Greenlight

Sure some of you might have played games before that involve panties in some tangential way, but what about game where you play as panties themselves? This seems to have been the thinking behind Pan Pan, a Steam Greenlight game that has you playing as some combat panties.   You can find Pan Pan on […]Read More

Reverse x Reverse Review – A Challenging Puzzle Platformer (PC)

Sekai Project, the company responsible for bringing a variety of visual novels to the west, brings us Reverse x Reverse an adorably challenging puzzle adventure that will test just about everything you thought you knew about platformers.     The story is told through visual novel scenes between levels and has you following two characters DBG-Code and […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: Cho Dengeki Stryker

We continue our spotlights of visual novels on Steam with a look at Cho Dengeki Stryker, the longest VN on Steam right now and MangaGamer’s first release on the platform. With 30–50 hours of action, fighting, animated cutscenes, slice of life shenanigans and something extra outside the all-ages version, Cho Dengeki Stryker is one of the […]Read More

New Screenshots Released for Darksouls II

New screenshots for Namco Bandai’s Darksouls II title have been released.  They provide insight into the detail and quality that the game will showcase when it is released on March 14th 2014.       Here are the latest screenshots of the Darksouls II world, featuring brightly lit and picturesque landscapes which contrasts with the […]Read More

All You Need to Know About Armored Core: Verdict Day

The Armored Core series is arguably the most recognisable mecha action game, and Namco have released new information about the next game in the series, Armored Core: Verdict Day. The game release follows 2012’s Armored Core 5, which was praised by critics and fans of the series for its compelling multiplayer.   Set in a dystopian […]Read More

Valentines Day Special: Ruri Shot!!

Happy Valentine’s Day. For this special occasion I decided to review a game that has love as the main theme. Released by Mount Punch in 2003 Ruri Shot is a simple single screen shooter. Filled with flying hearts, cute girls and colorful visuals it’s a great game to try out today.     You play […]Read More