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Hot Rice Anime Round-up #2

Hey everyone, I’m back once again with a round up of the current crop of anime releases doing the rounds – hopefully as a handy guide for those of you look to see what’s out there and what’s worth watching or buying! As always, if there’s anything you feel I’ve missed –  add your recommendations […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: Danganronpa

From trapped on a ship to trapped in a school, I take a look at another adventure game with visual novel traits this fortnight – the stylised murder mystery game Danganronpa. When fifteen students are trapped in school, a whimsical bear gives them an ultimatum: kill another student and escape suspicion or live forever within […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: 9 Doors, 9 Persons, 9 Hours

While the Nintendo DS has a handful of visual novel games in Japanese, not many make their way to western shores. 9 Doors, 9 Persons, 9 Hours is one of the few translated titles that use the DS’ features to deliver a game that isn’t about touching 3D rendered girls with a stylus. It also […]Read More

Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Preview

Team GrisGris has a new name and a new game set in the Corpse Party universe. Now known as GrindHouse, the group behind the horror adventure games have released the first chapter of their new series, titled Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient. The game provides the familiar eerie atmosphere of Corpse Party games in a […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows is the sequel-of-sorts to Corpse Party for PSP. While it continues some of the plot, it spends more time expanding on the events of the first game in alternate timelines. It also moves to more of a visual novel style, ditching the RPG Maker-esque movement in favour of point and […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: Corpse Party

Visual Novel, Corpse Party is the PSP remake of the 1996 game Corpse Party PC-98, developed by doujin group Team GrisGris. The survival horror game is part RPG and part visual novel. It follows the story of eight students and one teacher as they try to escape the halls of Heavenly Host Elementary School. Scares […]Read More