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Dragon Ball FighterZ Review – Ballz to the Wallz Fun

For those who haven’t watched or read Dragon Ball Z, the anime and manga — the series involves a lot of fighting. Like, a lot of fighting. It’s basically all fighting. Naturally, the series has lent itself to many fighting games in its time, some great fun, and others less so.   Arc System Works’ […]Read More

January 2018 Anime Release Schedule

Here’s our January 2018 anime release schedule guide! These are some great additions to your shelf. This month is a little light on anime releases, but includes some really nice collections, especially for Dragon Ball fans.     Looking for other January 2018 release schedules? Japanese Games | Manga | Light Novels   These are based on […]Read More

Android 18 Gameplay Video Makes Her Look Ace

As a big Android 18 fan, it’s already long been decided that she’ll be in my line-up when Dragon Ball FighterZ releases next year. The beta solidified it when she proved to be a blast to play, and the way Android 17 is incorporated into her moveset is great too.      If you aren’t […]Read More

Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection One Review (Anime)

Manga UK has been on a roll where Dragon Ball is concerned, and now they’re busily releasing all of the original movies. The first collection consists of Dead Zone and The World’s Strongest and, whilst they’re certainly not the best movies the series has to offer, they’re both solid entries which fans will love.   […]Read More

Nappa & Captain Ginyu Have Finally Been Confirmed for Dragon

And yes, Captain Ginyu’s Meteor Special is his Body Change move, which swaps characters and health with the opponent. Which is awesome, and could lead to some pretty shady, though extremely risky tactics. The announcements of Nappa & Captain Ginyu in Dragon Ball FighterZ comes via Ryokutya.   Ryokutya also revealed the game’s Japanese release […]Read More

Dragon Ball Super Part One Review (Anime)

When Dragon Ball Z finished airing back in 1996, or 2003 in English, fans were left wanting more of the world’s most popular shounen series. When the movies made an incredible come back with Battle of Gods, it wasn’t long until Dragon Ball Super was announced and Dragon Ball took the world by storm once […]Read More

Dragon Ball FighterZ Preview (Beta) – Just Played

What have we been playing? The name of the game this week is pretty much just Dragon Ball FighterZ, even though it was only in beta on the weekend — though some of us have played this build at various press events. Even so, we can’t help but think about it constantly. The fruits of […]Read More

Dragon Ball Z Self-Defence Against Attackers

In case you’re ever caught up in a really bad situation, here is a small guide with Dragon Ball Z self-defence (deadly) techniques. This could really help people out!     If grabbed from behind 1- When you’re being grabbed from behind, bend your elbows so that your hands are alongside your hips.   2- Stomp […]Read More

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F Review – A Great Follow-Up

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F is the fifteenth Dragon Ball Z film, but it’s actually only the second to be supervised by series creator Akira Toriyama himself, after Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. Battle of Gods was very well received, and it felt great to have Toriyama back at the helm. Resurrection F continues on the […]Read More