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Purrfectly Ever After Kickstarter Reaches $6400 of $9700 Goal

You know we love Otome over here at Rice Digital (along with everything else Japanese)! We’ve seen many great Kickstarters and Indie GoGo campaigns give doujin games the kick they need to really get noticed. Purrfectly Ever After is the latest game to follow that path, an iOS/Mac/Android/PC otome visual novel / romance sim. Funding is […]Read More

Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Releases August in Japan – First

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King is a favourite for many, so news that Dragon Quest VIII 3DS is an actual thing has caused quite a lot of excitement. The PlayStation 2 game was rereleased recently on Android and iOS, in late 2013 in Japan, and early 2014 Worldwide. Dragon Quest VIII 3DS […]Read More

Funstock Announce Blaze Tab – a Retro Gaming Android Tablet

If you know one thing about our retro-focused partners and friends over at Funstock.com — it’s that not only are they fans of retro gaming, but that they’re also deeply passionate about finding new and exciting ways to harness that retro love in exciting and modern ways. The new addition to their retro product line […]Read More

Mystic Messenger: Introducing Luciel Choi

The third bachelor in Cheritz’s upcoming otome app game, Mystic Messenger, has been revealed! Allow me to introduce you to Luciel Choi, a hacker who goes under the code name ‘707’.           This handsome redhead is 21 years old with a weight of 69kg and a height of 175cm. He likes […]Read More

Mystic Messenger: Introducing Ryu Hyun

Earlier this month, Cheritz introduced the first bachelor in their upcoming otome game, Mystic Messenger. The South Korean developer has now excited fans a second time with the announcement of ‘Zen’, the next bachelor in this mobile game romance!         ‘Zen’ is not this character’s real name, but actually some sort of […]Read More

Mystic Messenger: Introducing Jumin Han

Well, we knew a suit was involved, but now we also know who’s wearing it! Cheritz, a South Korean otome developer, has now introduced the first bachelor in their new app game, Mystic Messenger: Jumin Han! It’s a very interesting name, and certainly the surname of Han in South Korea brings up connotations of nobility, […]Read More

Fantastic Boyfriends: Legends of Midearth Needs Your Support!

If you’re a fan of Boys’ Love (BL), then you should be very aware of how poor the market is for BL games. Fantastic Boyfriends: Legends of Midearth thus comes as a much welcomed surprise. The mobile app game is a development of Life Wonders, a Japanese company based in Tokyo. Already available from the […]Read More

Mystic Messenger Coming Winter 2015

The otome development company, Cheritz, have released the name of their new mobile app game: Mystic Messenger. The news came on June 6th, 2015 from their Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter accounts. They have also released a website for Mystic Messenger that currently consists of a Home page, Information page, and a link to the Cheritz […]Read More

Hakuoki Android & iOS Review (Android)

If you’re a fan of otome games then you will have definitely come across Hakuoki at some point. Perhaps you’re not much of a gamer and simply enjoy the odd shoujo title; chances are you still will have come across Hakuoki! Having its own anime and film, Hakuoki is also playable as a game on […]Read More