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Princess Arthur Gets Localised in Shall We Date? Series

Otomate game Princess Arthur is the next otome title to see localisation at the hands of NTT Solmare as part of the extensive Shall We Date? app series for Android and Apple iOS.       I remember hearing about Princess Arthur when it came out in Japan a few years ago and thinking that a Knights of […]Read More

Tokyo 13 Review – A Social Network With A Sinister

I booted up Tokyo 13 not knowing what to expect. The promise of a riddle solving social network tickled my interest, but I couldn’t have known the alluring grip that this unique experience would soon have over me.       Download for Free iTunes | Google Play   After entering a name and registering […]Read More

Purrfectly Ever After (Demo) First Impressions (Mobile)

Weeev has released a demo for their first otome game, Purrfectly Ever After! Whereas their previous demo was only available via iOS, this second demo is available across multiple platforms, including Mac, PC, iOS and Android. It is because of this that I was able to finally check out this game for myself! The demo […]Read More

Bleach: Brave Souls Review (Mobile)

Bleach, one of the most popular manga series’ around, has made its way to Western smartphones with Brave Souls, a hack and slash affair featuring plenty of your favourite characters.   After a lengthy wait whilst extra data was downloaded, I finally got underway with slaying hundreds of enemies. Brave Souls starts similarly to how […]Read More

Beastmaster and Prince –Flower and Snow- is on Kickstarter!

Animal lovers and bishounen fans are in for a treat, because Beastmaster and Prince –Flower and Snow- is now on Kickstarter! Get ready to face a world of witches, curses and rivalling princes! Will you be able to find true love in a turmoil kingdom swimming in conspiracies? Good luck, aspiring Beastmaster!     Beastmaster […]Read More

Final Fantasy IX PC details emerge

Final Fantasy IX, recently announced to be coming to PC and smartphones, has received details on what will be included in the new remaster.   The official Steam page has new information including the more obvious things such as achievements and high definition movies and character models, but it’ll also have seven game boosters including […]Read More

Final Fantasy IX coming to PC and smartphones

Final Fantasy IX, my personal favourite Final Fantasy and one of my most cherished gaming memories, will be coming to PC, Android and iOS systems sometime this year.   Final Fantasy IX originally released on PS1 back in 2000, making it almost 16 years old! There’s little information and no solid release date, but it’s […]Read More

Ten Rare Japanese Games You Can Play on Handheld Android

As of late Android based handheld consoles, such as the BLAZE TAB and JXD, are becoming increasingly popular as not only do they offer the functionality of a traditional tablet but they can also emulate games from all decades.   Of course as fans of Japanese Media we may not be interested in the retro […]Read More

Murder – New Cyberpunk Point and Click

Sometimes it seems like the golden age of cyberpunk has passed, but every once in a while a new game or series pops out to show that this setting can be as engaging as ever. Murder is such a game, where the point and click gameplay will accompany dark and gritty storyline.     In […]Read More

Amnesia: Memories Mobile Game & New Ukyo Screenshots!

So you’ve seen the screenshots of Toma, Ikki, Kent and Shin. You’ve gained some familiarity with the Heart, Clover, Spade and Diamond worlds… but what of the Joker? Who is that mysterious man with the long green hair and black leather outfit? Idea Factory International has finally shed some light on the matter by showing […]Read More