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4 Must See Sports Anime To Watch This Year

SPORTS! That’s right, I’m going to be talking about sports anime today and why it’s so damn good. I believe that there are numerous sins that can be committed by those who think of themselves as anime fans. A couple of these sins being stuff along the lines of:  Never watching anything but Dragon Ball. […]Read More

The Anime Poster Boys of No Simp September

I absolutely don’t agree with No Simp September by the way. It’s 2020, everyone is simping for something. But hey, it’s a meme so lets have some fun with it shall we. Anyway, I figured it would be fun to go over some of the characters that would be the poster boys for this month.  […]Read More

Free Anime on All4: Our Top 6 Recommendations

Funny thing happened while I was researching for my Persona 5 anime review. I was surprised by the fact that the show was streaming on All4 rather than Funimation, who had the rights to stream the dub in the US, so I started looking through the streaming service to see what else they had on […]Read More

6 spectacular Anime soundtracks that need to be in your

Every now and then in anime, we get blessed by incredible pieces of music that turns an already great scene into something spectacular. I want to talk about a few anime soundtracks that come to my mind when I think about those kinds of musical pieces. This is in no particular order, it’s just a […]Read More

Shenmue anime is on the way

Fans of the classic Shenmue series are in luck. There’s an anime coming, thanks to a collaboration between Crunchyroll, Adultswim and Shenmue creator, Yu Suzuki. There’s not a ton more to report right now, but we do know a few details, for instance that there are 13 episodes scheduled in all. The series seems to […]Read More

The ‘I Don’t Like Anime’ Starter Pack

Recently I tried to get a friend of mine into anime, only problem is that he’s one of those “I don’t like anime” people. That got me thinking long and hard about different series I would recommend to someone who is completely against the very core of what makes an anime. This was hard, I […]Read More

3 Fantastic Anime Steam Games To Add To Your Library

As we all know, Steam has a wonderful offering of a various amount of games to cater to all our wants and needs. With well over 30,000 games to choose from, this can make narrowing down your choices of a purchase a difficult decision. Here we cover 3 we most definitely enjoy playing and think […]Read More

MAL’s 50 Most Popular Anime Shows Are Surprising

Recently a tweet showing My Anime List‘s top 50 most popular anime series has been floating around. The original tweet asks that users mention how many of the top 50 they have personally watched (I’ve seen 40). I wanted to go through some particular shows mentioned on the list and highlight certain things that surprised […]Read More

Anime That Deserve The Brotherhood Treatment

Some anime are perfect the way they are, but some could always be better if they were given a bit of love in the modern era! Just like Fullmetal Alchemist, we’re going to take a look at some anime that also deserve the Brotherhood treatment. Eyeshield 21   I absolutely love sports anime, especially when it […]Read More

Vash the Stampede: Anime Hero

Growing up, we all have our heroes. Some people idolise Superman or Wonder Woman or the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. For me, I latched on to a slightly different but no less impressive hero. Trigun, the classic post-apocalyptic space-western manga and anime, was one of the first shows outside of Dragon Ball that I fell in […]Read More