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10 Super Satisfying Anime Punches

Today is a simple one. We’re going to have a look at some of the best anime punches. You know the ones. The kind that makes you stand up, shout, pop-off, loudly yell “LET’S GOOO”. Now, there are a lot of great punches throughout the whole of anime and these are just a select few. […]Read More

Why We Love a Beach Episode

With lockdown keeping me from hitting the beach during the most recent heat wave, I’ve had to live vicariously through my favourite medium: anime. And if there is one thing we at Rice Digital love in our anime, it’s a beach episode. Ah yes. The sun. The water. The big, beautiful opportunities for character development! […]Read More

5 Anime Characters Who Redeemed Themselves

Throughout most anime there is always that one character, or maybe a few, that you just outright detest. Sometimes, those characters that you hate manage to pull off a redemption arc that tricks you into liking them so much, that you’ll catch yourself cheering for them and remembering “Hey wait! I hate this character right??” […]Read More

Screen Anime Festival Is A Curated Experience Available Now

Anime Limited have launched their online festival of anime, aptly named ‘Screen Anime Festival’. The online festival launched on June 25, and will be refreshed with new content on a monthly basis – there’s no better time to start than now I guess! Anyway, Anime Limited gave this description for Screen Anime Festival: Each month […]Read More

5 Great Anime To Watch During Lockdown

As I’m sure most of you are already aware, there are continuous delays affecting the anime industry due to the ongoing pandemic. This means that some series are being delayed until later in the year, but this isn’t something to complain about! In fact, we should be taking advantage of this opportunity to check off […]Read More

Kaguya-sama: Love is War? Subtitle Drama Explained

Localisation is an important part of anime. Without it, we would all have to learn a whole other language just to watch buff shirtless men shoot lasers from their fists. I know just enough Japanese to know how difficult the job is, so when there was some controversy around the subtitles for Kaguya-sama: Love is […]Read More

Anime Zoom Backgrounds To Power Up Your Calls

Do you find yourself in plenty of Zoom or Skype calls at the moment, with nothing but a bland wall behind you? Lucky for you, we’ve collated some of our favourite anime Zoom backgrounds so you can let your weeb out when you work. In case you didn’t know, you can set a custom Zoom […]Read More

3 Great Anime Tabletop RPGs to Play

When I’m not playing JRPGs, watching anime, or retweeting lewd art on Twitter, I’m probably adventuring away at one of my ongoing tabletop roleplaying games. Now, you might think that the only tabletop game on the market is Dungeons & Dragons, but you’d be so very, very wrong. There are plenty of other games that […]Read More

The Best Spring 2020 Anime on Funimation

This article is in partnership with Funimation! It’s that time again! We’ve entered a new anime season and I wanted to list off some of the series currently listed on Funimation that I’ve had a look at. I’ll give you guys my initial  impressions, or suggest who may enjoy it and what it reminds me […]Read More