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Arcana Heart 3 Love Max confirmed for consoles

I didn’t see this coming. Arcana Heart 3 Love Max has been confirmed for consoles by Examu at this weekend’s Examu Cup – a tournament taking place in Japan. For those of you who don’t know – Arcana Heart is a 2D fighter with an all-girl cast, heavy on the Moe and with an emphasis […]Read More

Arc System Works 25th Anniversary Arcade Sticks

The legendary fighting game studio Arc System Works, known for Guilty Gear, BlazBlue & Persona 4 Arena, are turning 25 and to celebrate they are launching an arcade stick made by Sanwa Denshi and features interchangeable faceplates! The controller will launch in Japan alongside BlazBlue: Chronophantasma on October 24th and will feature 2 other faceplates, BlayzBloo […]Read More

Flying Red Barrel: Diary of a Little Aviator (PC)

Yes indeed! Flying Red Barrel: Diary of a Little Aviator is available on Rice Digital today. We’re very pleased to be able to bring you the first in a line of Rockin’ Android’s excellent doujin titles this month. A superb little shooter with lovely bright visuals, a fun little story – and plenty of intense […]Read More

Doujin Classic: AIR Flight (PC)

Prior to 2003 the now famous French Bread was known as Watanabe Seisakujo. One of the titles they released during that period is AIR Flight, a 2001 game heavily inspired by the Sega classic Flicky, and AIR visual novel. Did Watanabe Seisakujo’s doujin classic, AIR Flight, have the high production value that we can find […]Read More

Valentines Day Special: Ruri Shot!!

Happy Valentine’s Day. For this special occasion I decided to review a game that has love as the main theme. Released by Mount Punch in 2003 Ruri Shot is a simple single screen shooter. Filled with flying hearts, cute girls and colorful visuals it’s a great game to try out today.     You play […]Read More

Awesome, anime Hack n Slash, Croixleur, is OUT NOW!

We’re very pleased to announce that Croixleur is now available to buy on the Rice Digital Store today. Croixleur is the latest title from Nyu Media and Souvenir Circ – which centers around the beautiful Lucrezia Visconti, who must battle against enemy hordes to wrestle power from a childhood rival.     Now that the […]Read More

Fairy Bloom Freesia Review (PC)

Edelweiss are probably best known for Ether Vapor and their forthcoming Astebreed – both 2D shooters, lavished with stunning 3D visuals. Fairy Bloom Freesia then, is something of a departure from what we’re used to from these guys – and it’s surprising to see them take on a fighting game.   It’s also a little […]Read More

Comiket 83 Preview: Astebreed

As some of you know Comiket 83 will be underway over the Christmas break in Japan – starting on the 29th and ending on the 31st. There’s going to be so much going on there this year, so we’ll do our best to pick out some of the choice moments from what’s on show there. […]Read More

Satazius Review (PC)

Of all the games on Rice Digital, we would understand if you though this was the ‘worst’ – taking a quick look at the screens thinking ,‘hmm… maybe this isn’t the best of the line up.’ We have to stand by our principles on this one though – we won’t ever put a game up […]Read More