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7 Great Twitter Artists To Check Out

The largest reason that I use Twitter is because of the Twitter artists, I follow a ton of them! I have always been mesmerized by people who can draw. I remember asking my dad to draw Sonic the Hedgehog or Donald Duck hundreds of times when I was really young and completely obsessed with a […]Read More

Post-Apocalyptic Tokyo Looks Stunning In These Illustrations

With the Last of Us Part 2 on the way, it makes sense that people are looking for art to mirror the beauty that the game, and the setting in general can produce. This post-apocalyptic Tokyo art captures just that. The art is done by Japanese illustrator Tokyo Genso, who generally works on backgrounds for […]Read More

This Japanese Egg Yolk Art Is Precious

Japanese Instagram user Etoni Mama has been cooking up some incredible dishes, that not only taste great, but look absolutely adorable at the same time. The mother of 3 uses egg yolks in her meals to add some insane decoration, featuring a lot of recognisable characters – check out her egg yolk art!   Etoni Mama has […]Read More

Doom & Animal Crossing Fans Crossover In The Best Way

Doom & Animal Crossing both release on March 20, and wow, the communities are very aware of this. Fans are drawing incredible art and posting it to Twitter – and we’ve gathered some of our favourites to share with you guys! Make sure to show the artists some love!   The vast majority of this […]Read More

10 Times Jim’ll Paint It Referenced Video Games And It

Jim’ll Paint It has become somewhat internet famous on Twitter for his incredible Microsoft Paint artwork. He takes requests from users for things that they’d like him to create using Microsoft’s fairly horrendous software, but he somehow makes it look great. Here are our 10 favourite Jim’ll Paint It video game art pieces!   10 […]Read More

Street Fighter Swimsuit Special Collection Revealed

Ever feel like you can’t get a good enough view of Chun-Li’s thighs? Fear no more! UDON have unveiled their Street Fighter Swimsuit Special Collection art book, which looks to pool together over four years of swimsuit and pin-up specials into one glorious, glorious book.   Here’s the cover art:     Look at the […]Read More

Incredible Saber Photoshop Art Made Using Photos

Sometimes having no luck with the gacha on mobile games makes you do crazy things. Like spend loads of money. Or draw a summon circle. Or make a picture out of photos of ordinary objects. YouTuber おとうさんスイッチ took that last option and ran with it, producing some incredible Saber Photoshop art. Take a look below:     […]Read More

Platinum Kinda Sorta Teased Bayonetta Switch

Commemorating the launch of their Japanese Twitter account, Platinum tweeted an original piece of Bayonetta artwork by Yusuke Hashimoto. Featuring her Bayonetta 2 design on a blue background, and her Bayonetta design on red, a fan noted how it resembled the red/blue Switch joy-cons. Platinum liked the tweet.     It might seem a little much […]Read More

Stunning Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Mural Takes Over Southbank

Over the weekend, an incredible 3D Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood mural took over London’s Southbank. Artists 3D Joe and Max brought the beautiful Far East-inspired Ala Mhigo from Stormblood to life amazing cosplaying fans and passers-by both. This is mindblowing art, and it’s so cool to see such a thing being done in the UK! […]Read More