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Cute Animal Art By Japanese Artist Shows Them In Real

Japanese Instagram user Meronpan (メ ロ ン パ ン) has been drawing some really cute animal art and posting it to social media to high praise. The theme of the art is a ‘what if’ scenario in which animals became a part of everyday society – including chef’s, actors, and more.   When I discovered […]Read More

Devin Elle Kurtz Paints GIANT Legendary Pokemon Art

My Twitter feed is usually full of artwork. Some are better than others, some make me smile as I scroll past, and some make me drop a like. Occasionally, I’ll see some art work that makes me stop what I’m doing and open it up for a closer look. That’s exactly what happened with Devin […]Read More

This Japanese Ukiyo-e Pokemon Art is amazing

This Japanese Ukiyo-e Pokemon Art is amazing.  It also gets bonus points for reading right to left. The attention to detail. THAT NineTails art. Just incredible work that I, for one, full approve of. I actually remember this from, oh… probably about ten years ago…   Though only today was reminded of this Ukiyo-e Pokemon art […]Read More

Platinum Also Tease Wonderful 101 Switch

Following on from the kinda sorta tease of Bayonetta on Switch, Platinum have now tweeted a piece of art that much more directly hints at the possibility of a Wonderful 101 Switch. Like Bayonetta 2, The Wonderful 101 was a Wii U exclusive. The official artwork by Eiji Funahashi shows characters playing the game on Switch. […]Read More

Tales of Berseria New Trailer and Character Designs

Earlier this week Bandai Namco released a short trailer for upcoming Tales of Berseria. Now we have a closer look at the over-the-top character design with newly released Famitsu screenshots.         You can watch the trailer below.     Characters Magilou and Bienfu have already been featured in the trailer briefly, but now we can get […]Read More

Psycho-Pass 2 Collectors Edition Pack-Shot Revealed

Anime Limited have released a tentative pack-shot for the Collectors Edition Blu-ray release of Psycho-Pass – Season 2 as well as details on what to expect from the on-disc content.   Psycho-Pass – Season 2, otherwise known as Psycho-Pass 2, is currently scheduled for release on the 9th May 2016 and will contain all eleven […]Read More