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Attack on Titan Final Season PV, Worked On By Mappa

A visual for the Attack on Titan final season has been released showing what to expect in the upcoming last part of the massively successful anime. Interestingly, it looks like the final season is being handled by MAPPA, but also no longer mentions a fall release date. It’s worth nothing that the trailer below obviously […]Read More

A.O.T. 2: Final Battle Review (PS4) – Tense & Terrific

Honestly, an Omega Force take on Attack on Titan was not something I was expecting back when Wings of Freedom came out. Yet here we are, with A.O.T. 2: Final Battle – the expanded second installment – executing the wild idea in top form.     Spoiler warning! The game covers the events of the anime up […]Read More

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Coming to PS4, Xbox

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC this July Koei Tecmo has announced through a Crunchyroll-exclusive report. It’s pretty exciting stuff and it’ll time pretty nicely with the second part of season 3 of the anime wrapping up! Take a look at the action-packed announcement […]Read More

Rice Recommends – 6 Amazon Kindle Unlimited Manga

These days it’s easier and easier to get your hands on a variety of great manga in English, and one of the easiest ways to do it is through Amazon. So, here’s a look at 6 Amazon Kindle Unlimited manga available at your fingertips right now for free! You can also try it free for […]Read More

Attack on Titan 2 Review (PS4)

Attack on Titan, stylised as A.O.T in the UK, is one of best anime-inspired games on the market, and a welcome distraction from Omega Force’s usual Musou mechanics. Wings of Freedom blew me away, and its sequel builds upon the laid groundwork to bring us something even greater.   Instead of simply taking you on […]Read More

Attack on Titan 2 Preview – Big Battles Come to

Attack on Titan 2 (AKA AOT 2 in Europe, the version we played) makes the obvious follow-up choice — where the first game adapted the first season of the anime phenomenon, this one adapts the second. Though it does so a little bit differently, and is packed with the story from the first season too […]Read More

Attack on Titan Season Two Review (Anime)

Attack on Titan Season Two was one of the biggest anime to air last season, and it gripped the world once more as truths came to light. Leaving fans with more questions than answers, it’s a good thing that a third season is in the works! There was nothing stopping these twelve episodes from being […]Read More

February 2018 Anime Release Schedule

There are plenty of neat anime releases, including collector’s editions, coming up in February, and our February 2018 anime release schedule guide is here to help you keep track of them all! The following are based on the UK release dates!       Looking for other February 2018 release schedules? Japanese Games | Manga | Light […]Read More

December Manga Release Schedule

Here’s our December manga release schedule guide! Somehow, this month, there are even more releases than last time. It’s a good era to be a manga fan, with digital publication helping to keep it strong! But there’s… so many!! AH!     Looking for other December release schedules? Japanese Games | Anime | Light Novels   […]Read More