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NHS Director Calls For End To Loot Boxes

Claire Murdoch, Mental Health Director for the NHS stated this weekend that she thinks loot boxes should be banned, in order to prevent children becoming used to the process, which could lead to gambling addictions in later life. This isn’t the first time loot boxes have come under close scrutiny.   The NHS has confirmed […]Read More

Another Country Bans Fight of Gods

With the recent news that Malaysia has banned the deity showdown fighter, Fight of Gods, it seems that Thailand will also be banning the game. We reached out to publisher PQube to ask if any other countries were following suit, and they confirmed to us that Thailand would indeed be pulling the game.   “So […]Read More

Malaysia Have Banned All of Steam Because of Fight of

You read that right. Following on from Malaysia’s MCMC’s call for Fight of Gods to be disabled for purchase in their country “within 24 hours”, Steam’s store has now been blocked entirely in Malaysia. I guess nobody at Valve could turn the Fight of Gods pipe off to their country.   The latest DUMB thing […]Read More

Malaysia Banning Fight of Gods, Combos Too Hype?

We recently reported on the launch of the Steam Early Access fighting game by Digital Crafter, Fight of Gods. In addition to fighters like Zeus and Odin, it also includes the likes of Jesus, Buddha, and Moses. Malaysia’s MCMC has called for Steam to disable purchases of the game within Malaysia.     The Malaysian […]Read More

Gal Gun Banned in New Zealand – FVLB Calls Sexualisation

After that business in Australia I’d thought it was all over. The sense of victory I’d felt looking over the shelves and shelves of Gal Gun boxes in EB Games, only to have that crushed as employee after employee swiftly ran out, swiping the boxes off the shelves into buckets, pots, tins — whatever they could […]Read More

Valkyrie Drive Banned in Germany & Australia

Following on from the recent news that Criminal Girls 2 was refused classification by the USK and that Gal*Gun Double Peace was pulled from Australian retailer EB Games’ shelves we’ve now heard that Valkyrie Drive has been banned in Germany & Australia.     Both Germany’s USK and Australia’s OFLC have refused to give Valkyrie […]Read More