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Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Switch Review

I’ve been enjoying Bandai Namco’s recent Switch ports a great deal. From SAO Hollow Realisation to God Eater 3 – these are games that, while originating on more powerful consoles, for me at least seem more convenient to play on Switch. I’ve been looking forward to this Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Switch Review for this […]Read More

Digimon Survive Opening Movie Released

Bandai Namco has released the Digimon Survive opening movie, which was revealed at The Future of Digimon Anime Expo panel, giving us a look at what to expect when the game releases next year. Take a look below:   Rather than an cinematic opening with a theme song, the Digimon Survive opening movie appears to be […]Read More

The Best Japanese Games of the Steam Sale 2019

It’s like they planned it. Two days before pay day and BAM! the Summer Steam Sale hits, primed and ready to make July a financially miserable month for me. In honour of this epic, wallet-draining event, I thought I’d pick the Best Japanese Games of the Steam Sale 2019.   So I was thinking the best […]Read More

Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Switch Review

You’ll be hard pushed to find a Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Switch Review. I guess having already been out on PS4 for some time, people don’t feel the need to do one – it’s also one of those games that, honestly, not many people seem to care much about.   Given I’m not-so-secretly a massive […]Read More

God Eater 3 Switch Port Coming This July

Bandai Namco has announced that a God Eater 3 Switch port is on the way this summer! The game will be releasing both physically and digitally, and there’ll be a neat Tales of Vesperia-themed pre-order bonus too! For those curious about how the game will run on Switch, you can take a look with a […]Read More

Seto Kaiba Coming To Jump Force In May!

Jump Force released recently to admittedly incredibly mixed response, but it’s undeniable that the roster of the character is intensely diverse. This is due to become even more bolstered with the DLC plan for the game being revealed, and Seto Kaiba from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series being the first arrival.   Seto Kaiba will join the […]Read More

Rice Recommends – Best Anime Fighters

We’re huge fans of fighting games, in fact, we ran Fight Club Fridays on streams for quite a long time. In this genre though, nothing gets us quite as hyped as anime fighters with all of their barrier/air dashing/numeral notation nonsense. But, which ones do we think are best?   [1] Guilty Gear Xrd REV2 […]Read More

Rice Recommends – 5 Nintendo Switch Rhythm Games

The Nintendo Switch and rhythm games seem to go hand in hand, and there are some real gems available! Whether it’s gentle piano, trance music, or crazy metal covers of classical you’re after, it’s all there. So, here are 5 Switch rhythm games we recommend, all available on Amazon for your rhythmic touchscreen tapping needs. […]Read More