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Rice Gaming & Anime Awards 2017

The Reader’s Choice Awards are over, but why stop there? There’s still lots more to talk about when it comes to the long list of amazing games and anime 2017 has given us! Oscar, Holly, and Mitch look at the good and the not-so-good of the year for the Rice Gaming & Anime Awards 2017! […]Read More

Bayonetta 3 Revealed Alongside Bayonetta 1 and 2 Switch Ports

We saw a handful of announcements last night at the Game Awards 2017, but one of the biggest ones is seeing Bayonetta 3 revealed exclusively for Switch. That’s not all for the sultry woman with controllable hair though, as the first two games are also heading to Switch!   Check out the brief reveal trailer […]Read More

Platinum Kinda Sorta Teased Bayonetta Switch

Commemorating the launch of their Japanese Twitter account, Platinum tweeted an original piece of Bayonetta artwork by Yusuke Hashimoto. Featuring her Bayonetta 2 design on a blue background, and her Bayonetta design on red, a fan noted how it resembled the red/blue Switch joy-cons. Platinum liked the tweet.     It might seem a little much […]Read More