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Gun Gun Pixies First Gameplay Trailer Unveiled

Gun Gun Pixies is Compile Heart and Shade’s newest PlayStation Vita game and it promises to blend third person stealth gameplay à la MGS with a wacky voyeuristic premise of the long forgotten PlayStation 2 title, Mister Mosquito.     While the trailer just offers a sneak peek of Gun Gun Pixies, it is enough to know what […]Read More

Gun Gun Pixies Announced in Dengeki from Compile Heart &

Yes, we guessed it. The game teased by Compile Heart & Shade as “Gun X Bishoujo” has been revealed by Dengeki to be Gun Gun Pixies. It’s a game where you play as tiny moe pixie ladies with guns. Hence the title of the game!     It’s a gun based action adventure where you […]Read More

Gun X Bishoujo Website Updated With Artwork

Compile Heart and Shade’s new game that they’ve been teasing, described only as “Gun X Bishoujo” currently, has now been updated with a piece of key art. More news is due in one day, with details to follow in an upcoming issue of Dengeki PlayStation.     The artwork has, who would’ve guessed, two girls […]Read More

Compile Heart & Shade Tease New “Gun X Bishoujo” Shooter

Compile Heart & Shade have released a new website teasing a new game — 銃×美少女 — Gun X Bishoujo. Of course, just hearing that I can’t think about Gal*Gun, and knowing Compile Heart’s library, we might be able to expect a similarly moe shooter coming up.     The teaser text translates as “We’re very confident!!! […]Read More

Girls Beyond the Wasteland So Far (Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo

Girls Beyond the Wasteland initially invites comparison with Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend — a show that was quite popular but I didn’t get around to watching. Both are about high schoolers making bishoujo games, but there are some differences.   Watched 4/12 episodes. Streaming on Hulu & The Anime Network   For […]Read More