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Blaster Master Zero Review (Switch)

After countless lackluster sequels Blaster Master Zero brings the series back to its roots. Inti Creates does a solid job of recapturing that retro feeling while still introducing enough changes to make this installment feel fresh.     You can’t talk about Blaster Master without mentioning its nonsensical story. The 1988 Japanese original takes place […]Read More

Blaster Master Zero Ekoro DLC Arrives for Free for a

Blaster Master Zero is a very charming revisitation of the Blaster Master series on Switch from Inti Creates — the masters of that retro-feel. They’ve already added Gunvolt into the game from their Azure Striker Gunvolt series, and now they’re also adding the angel of love, Ekoro from Gal Gun!     You can pick […]Read More

Inti Creates and Sunsoft Announced Blaster Master Zero for 3DS

Inti Creates has partnered with Sunsoft and together they announced that they are working on Blaster Master Zero, a new title for 3DS due for spring 2017. We are excited as to how this modernized take on the 1988 NES classic will feel, as we fondly remember the original.   They have released a cool promotional artwork and […]Read More