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BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION Special Edition Coming to Switch!

The Wheel of Fate keeps turning with BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION Special Edition coming to Nintendo Switch in the west early next year! BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION Special Edition contains all of the previously released DLC as well as the most up-to-date version of the game with previous updates included.   Here’s an overview via publisher PQube: Experience the […]Read More

Jubei to Join BlazBlue: Central Fiction Very Soon

If you’re in Japan, then you’ll be able to pick up Jubei and play as him come 31st August. It’s been a long time coming and fans have been clamouring for him to be playable in a BlazBlue game since its first installment, Calamity Trigger, but it’s only now that he’ll be playable. We’ve waited […]Read More

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Version 2.0 Opening Movie Released

The BlazBlue: Central Fiction version 2.0 arcade update will be going live on August 3rd! This update will add Jubei to the arcade version of the game, among other tweaks. In advance, Arc System Works has released the BlazBlue: Central Fiction version 2.0 opening movie – it’s pretty cool! Check it out below:     As […]Read More

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Gets Playable Jubei This Summer!

Arc System Works has announced that BlazBlue: Central Fiction will be getting playable Jubei at long last! You’ll be able to kick ass as the Six Heroes’ mightiest swordsman as soon as this summer! Take a look at the Jubei character trailer below:     This is super exciting news, and something a lot of […]Read More

ESL Hosting BlazBlue Centralfiction EU Community Cups on PSN

PQube has announced that BlazBlue Centralfiction will be coming to the Tournaments section of PSN! ESL, the world’s largest esports company, will be hosting the BlazBlue Centralfiction EU Community Cups, starting on May 14th! The first season will last through the final week of August.   Sign up through the PSN, and you can compete […]Read More

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Review (PS4)

I still remember when the original BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger was released way back in 2008 for the now almost fully retired PlayStation 3. This was the era after the jam packed Guilty Gear XX and BlazBlue’s limited character roaster and game modes could not hold a candle to its older brother.   However, it managed […]Read More

BlazBlue Central Fiction New Characters Introduced

BlazBlue: Central Fiction introduces 4 new playable characters to the expansive roster including Nine the Phantom, one of the legendary Six Heroes, alongside Kagura’s servant Hibiki, Naoto from the untranslated novel The Bloodedge Experience and Hades: Izanami who is possessing Saya, the sister of Ragna and Jin. Nine the Phantom Nine, the wife of Jubei […]Read More