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BlazBlue Chronophantasma story details revealed

One of BlazBlue’s most defining features has always been it’s sprawling, epic, labyrinthine story mode – with its huge cast of characters, weaving narratives, character relationships and allegiances. It’s difficult to think of a single fighting game which has so masterfully tackled the issue of  narrative in a fighting game.     Chronohantasma is no […]Read More

Arc System Works 25th Anniversary Arcade Sticks

The legendary fighting game studio Arc System Works, known for Guilty Gear, BlazBlue & Persona 4 Arena, are turning 25 and to celebrate they are launching an arcade stick made by Sanwa Denshi and features interchangeable faceplates! The controller will launch in Japan alongside BlazBlue: Chronophantasma on October 24th and will feature 2 other faceplates, BlayzBloo […]Read More

BlazBlue Chronophantasma Limited Edition and Game Mode details

Famitsu have just released more information on the forthcoming Japanese release of BlazBlue Chronophantasma! Due to release in Japan on the 24th of October – Famitsu outlines some of the new game modes you can expect to play, as well as unveiling the boxart for both normal and limited editions.   So without further ado […]Read More

BlazBlue gets an anime and new story arc in Visual

This has been a long time coming. BlazBlue Director Toshimichi Mori has made no secret of his desire to see the BlazBlue series get it’s own anime. I can think of few games who’s rich story and unique characters are more deserving of their own show – so this will come as brilliant news to […]Read More

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-

Guilty Gear has many revisions over the years, adding new characters and constant adjustments. But now it’s time for a brand new installment in the Guilty Gear series, with a different look to go with it.       The Arc System Works Festival took place today in Yokohama Pacifico venue. While this event also covered […]Read More

BlazBlue Director working on new PS4 fighter

We thought we’d take a look at an interview with one of our favourite developers today – BlazBlue director Toshimichi Mori. Recently, Dengeki interviewed Toshimichi Mori after the big PlayStation 4 announcement, though not many people picked up on this…    We’ve taken some time out this afternoon  to  translate the interviews most interesting points […]Read More