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New BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Character incoming

Arc System Works recently made round of new announcements regarding BlazBlue. Specifically that there will be a new BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Character incoming with arrival of a 1.5 update to the 2D fighting game.   BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle was last year’s new fighter from Arc System Works which saw characters from BlazBlue, Persona, […]Read More

Rice Digital Are Coming To MCM London!

It’s that time of year again when cosplayers, comic book fans, gamers and geeks of all ages and fandoms descend upon ExCeL London. We’re pleased to announce today that, as we did for May’s MCM London, we’re going to be back again on the convention floor from October 26-28!   We’ll have a variety of […]Read More

The Rice Digital Store Summer Sale Starts Today!!

I know we’re a little late off the starting grid here, but there is no way we could let a Summer go by without throwing a scorching (sorry) Sale for you all to peruse and enjoy! So, prepare yourself for some incredible savings, and welcome to the Rice Digital Store Summer Sale!   We’re pretty […]Read More

ARCREVO WORLD TOUR Announced By Arc System Works

EVO 2018 is done and we are just about recovering from the weekend. Reveals were abound from pretty much every single tournament and Arc System Works did not disappoint us with this, revealing the ARCREVO World Tour at during the event.   Coming during the Guilty Gear Xrd – REV 2 Top 8, Arc System […]Read More

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle launches in Europe today!

It’s finally here! BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle launches today on PlayStation 4, Steam and Nintendo Switch in Europe; digitally on all three and physical for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch! That’s right, the wait is over, and Europe can now get online and bring the fight to the other regions.   In case you missed it, BlazBlue Cross Tag […]Read More

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Launch Day Cake Party!

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle launches today (Friday June 22nd), and with its flashy and colourful visuals paired with its simple but deep mechanics, it’s set to be a phenomenal title. So, I thought I would throw a party in celebration!   No seriously, imagine a big party, with the core roster of BlazBlue Cross Tag […]Read More