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Sony gives new details on Demon’s Souls sound design

FromSoftware’s games all have brilliant scores. From the Gothic choirs of Dark Souls to the chilling strings of Bloodborne, every track works to create the perfect atmosphere for the moment, whether that’s one of melancholy, tension or dread. Demon’s Souls is no different. So in crafting the music for the Demon’s Souls remake, score producer […]Read More

Launch Trailer For Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Lands Ahead Of

Being huge fans of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, I’ve been looking forward to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the next game from From Software. In fact, Reuben named it one of his highlights of E3 2018 and ILJG listed it on their top upcoming Japanese games in 2019.   The violent technologically enhanced samurai action title […]Read More

From Software Have TWO Unannounced Games In Development

We’re huge fans of the challenge and pacing of the modern From Software games, having pretty much consumed all of the Souls franchise and Bloodborne. So, not only are we looking forward to their next title, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but are very excited for what is to come from the studio in the future. […]Read More

Code Vein Preview – Anime Bloodborne by Way of Dark

When the early footage of Code Vein came out, I was initially sceptical about everyone calling it “anime Dark Souls“. Now, having gotten hands on with a demo of the game myself, I can confirm that is indeed the best way to describe the game. Code Vein is anime Dark Souls. But with a touch […]Read More

Dark Souls III Review (PS4)

Castles, dragons and souls – What more do you really need in a video game? Dark Souls 3 came just in time to scratch our masochistic itch.     The Dark Souls franchise is one of gaming’s rare series where you will want to keep trying no matter how punishing it can be. And each […]Read More

Dark Souls 3 is Pretty Easy With Friends, And Why

Marketing Dark Souls must be the Dark Souls of marketing, which is probably why it’s easy to just take the approach of “this game is really hard”, which they’ve been doing since they released the Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition. But, they hardly market it like that for absolutely zero reason. Even when it’s […]Read More

Dark Souls II Design Works Review (Book)

As we mentioned when Dark Souls II Design Works was announced, we loved the first one. It looked like Dark Souls II Design Works would be bigger and better than the first one. And that was correct!       While in some aspects the Dark Souls II game felt a little bit like a […]Read More

Kitsumeda and Bori’s Best of 2015

2015 was an amazing year for gaming. While it had some great titles what made it truly noteworthy was the resurgence of many of gaming’s most iconic franchises, which we should expect in the coming years. Here are Kitsumeda and Bori’s top picks for the best of 2015.     Best Game   Kitsumeda: Bloodborne     Generally, it’s a difficult choice to pick a […]Read More

Dark Souls III Embrace the Darkness Gameplay Footage

Dark Souls is one of the few franchises on the market today that embraces the oldschool game design. Show nothing and let the player figure things out for him or herself.       Things seem to have gotten a Bloodborne vibe with Dark Souls III, with the crazed villagers and Gothic styled architecture.   […]Read More

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC Announced

We’re excited that Bloodborne will get it’s first expansion in a form of DLC, Bloodborne: The Old Hunters. It will be also be made available in a physical form in a Bloodborne Old Hunters Edition, included with the original title. You can read our review for the original title here.   The game has now officially […]Read More