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Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition physical release set for

While Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition will be available digitally for the launch of next-gen consoles, Capcom have confirmed that physical copies wont be available until December. Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition’s highlight, as with 3SE and 4SE, is the addition of Vergil as a playable character. He retains his classic moveset, mowing […]Read More

Monster Hunter Rise will get free post-launch updates

Monster Hunter Rise was only just revealed last week, but thanks to YouTuber Arekkz Gaming we’ve learnt a little more about the upcoming sequel. Arekkz was able to ask Capcom a few questions about Rise, confirming some technical details and future plans for the game. For starters, this is the first Monster Hunter title to […]Read More

The final Monster Hunter World: Iceborne developer diary arrives this

Capcom’s highly successful expansion to Monster Hunter World, Iceborne, will be receiving its final major update later this year. The contents of this update will be shown off during a developer diary August 28, fittingly titled “Developer Diary: The Final Stand”. While the announcement tweet doesn’t go into specifics, the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne roadmap […]Read More

M-Two Working On ‘Larger Capcom Remake Project’

M-Two, the studio that helped develop the recent Resident Evil 3 Remake, are reportedly at work on a larger Capcom remake project, if only it was Dino Crisis, that would make me eternally happy, especially if it was made in the new RE engine. Please, Capcom, please… M-Two is headed by Former Platinum CEO Tatsuya […]Read More

Check Out 13 Minutes Of Resident Evil 3 Remake Gameplay

Have a watch of this Resident Evil 3 Remake gameplay that has been released via the latest CapcomTV broadcast! Whilst we wait for the incoming demo, this is the best we can get at a look at the game. It’s safe to say it certainly takes elements from the RE2 Remake!   Watch The Resident […]Read More

Fighting Game Esports 2020 Preview

Well damn, 2020 is looking pretty amazing for Fighting Games. We’ve got some delightful new games coming out this year and new seasons for a ton of the current titles. We Fighting game fans truly are living the good life, eh? Welcome to my fighting game esports 2020 preview.   As much as I love […]Read More

Dino Crisis Remake Could Be Coming After New Trademark

More trademark news this week! This time, Capcom have planted the seeds for a potential Dino Crisis remake by registering a new trademark for the title. Capcom have also renewed a number of other trademarks, so take the news with a pinch of salt, but we can dream, right?   After the success of Resident […]Read More

Capcom Otome Towaware no Palm Coming To Switch In Japan

It should come as no surprise that we’re a little into otome, and we’re made far happier when said otome comes to the Switch as we can take our boy-loving visual novels on the go. So, Capcom bringing Towaware no Palm to Switch in August is something that got our attention.   Originally released on […]Read More