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Monster Monpiece Releases on Steam in March

Idea Factory’s moe card-battle game Monster Monpiece releases on Steam in March! The game will have a 25% discount for the first week after launch on 14th March. There’s also an additional 10% off if you pick up the Deluxe Bundle!     Here’s the overview of the game and its features: Story God’s hammer struck […]Read More

Monster Monpiece for Steam launches this Autumn

Extreme rubbing game and Hearthstone harem Monster Monpiece will launch for PC via Steam this Autumn, Idea Factory International announced.    Originally available digitally for PS Vita, the card-battle game with light RPG elements not only offers players layers of strategy through grid-based battles, but also the opportunity to master the moe through upscaled graphics for […]Read More

The Sacred Tears TRUE Hits the Store

Dedicated Rice readers (Ricers?) will know that we’ve only recently opened up our doors as a physical store. Well, a digital physical store. I mean, we sell physical, tangible goods now. Online. Before we used to just have a fantastic blog and sell digital download games. And you’d better not think we’ve stopped doing either of […]Read More