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Catherine Full Body Switch Version Incoming

The random Nintendo Direct Mini that just dropped gave us a bunch of news, one of which is that a Catherine Full Body Switch version is on the way in July! Fans have been clamouring for Persona 5 on Switch, so to see another Atlus game on the way is a great sign of things […]Read More

Catherine: Full Body Review (PS4) – A New Trip Around

I’d been meaning to play the original Catherine for a long while, and what better time to finally see what it’s all about than the polished and expanded version of Catherine: Full Body? It’s a weird, wonderful, and certainly wild ride.     Catherine: Full Body is as unique a game as I’d expected, but […]Read More

Catherine: Full Body is Available Now on PS4

Today’s the day the nightmare begins (again) with the release of Catherine: Full Body on PS4 in the west! As such, Atlus has a new launch trailer to show you what you’re in for! Check it out below: In addition to the standard edition, there’s a gorgeous Hearts Desire Premium Edition featuring a steelbook case […]Read More

New Catherine: Full Body Trailer Shows Off New Mode And

We know that a lot of you are fans of the bizarre visual novel puzzler, Catherine. We’ve previously reported on the gorgeous limited edition coming West, but now Atlus have revealed a new Catherine: Full Body trailer, covering the Death By Nightmare content – as well as other features coming with the game.   It’s […]Read More

Catherine: Full Body Release Date Announced For September

Criminally, I completely missed Catherine when it initially released, and so I was personally pretty excited when a remaster for modern consoles was announced. Today, ATLUS have finally revealed the Catherine: Full Body release date!   They have announced that the game will land on September 3rd 2019 for Playstation 4 in the West. Not only […]Read More

Catherine: Full Body Trailer Sees Vincent Running for His Life

There’s a new Catherine: Full Body trailer on the scene, and Catherine and Katherine are both out for blood! We know that Full Body has a bunch of new content, and these yandere scenes are among the new characters, stages, cutscenes and dialogue that’ll be found in-game.     Check out the new trailer below! […]Read More

Catherine: Full Body Western Release Confirmed

Atlus didn’t keep us waiting on this one for too long, did they? They’ve just confirmed a Catherine: Full Body western release where it’ll come to both Europe and North America. There’s very little in the way of further information at the moment, but the game’s official website has gone live.   They’ve only just […]Read More

Catherine: Full Body Debut Trailer Released

Following on from the previous announcement, Atlus has released a Catherine: Full Body debut trailer! The game’s full website has also been launched. Check out the Catherine: Full Body debut trailer below:       It’s nice to get a proper look at new girl Rin, as well as some of the additional scenes and enhanced […]Read More

Catherine: Full Body Announced for PS4 and PS Vita

Atlus has announced Catherine: Full Body for PS4 and PS Vita! Rather than a sequel, Catherine: Full Body is an updated version of the game featuring a “third Catherine” as well as new scenes with Katherine and Catherine. There’ll be more details and a debut trailer very soon in a Studio Zero Niconico live stream on […]Read More