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Nintendo President Addresses Content Regulations

Nintendo President and CEO Shuntaro Furukawa addressed content regulations in the industry and Nintendo’s own approach to the subject in a recent Q&A session during the company’s annual meeting of shareholders.     In light of recent changes, discussions, and controversises on the subject, it’s very interesting to have a comment from Nintendo on the […]Read More

Omega Labyrinth Life Gets a Censored, “Safer” PS4 Version

Upcoming busty rogue-like Switch title Omega Labyrinth Life will be getting a toned-down, “safer” option for the PlayStation 4, simply titled Labyrinth Life, D3 Publisher has announced. Apparently, Labyrinth Life will be safe enough to “play at your parents’ house”, but we’re not totally sure that’s a good idea still.   Here’s a rundown of […]Read More

Sony Sexual Content Guidelines Confirmed

There have been some strong hints of new Sony sexual content guidelines coming into effect recently, and information from the Wall Street Journal has confirmed there are in fact new internal standards developers must meet in order to get their games approved for PS4. What exactly these limits are, however, is still unclear.   These […]Read More

Kenichiro Takaki Leaves Marvelous, Stays Senran Kagura Producer

An interview in the latest issue of Famitsu has revealed that, after 13 long years of bringing life and hometown to the masses with them, renowned “huge boobs producer” Kenichiro Takaki is leaving Marvelous! He will cooperate with remaining staff as producer for Senran Kagura, but is letting the folks over at Marvelous handle adjustments […]Read More

Senran Kagura 7EVEN Changes Underway Due to Content Regulations

In a recent interview with Inside Games, the president of Honey∞Parade Games and Senran Kagura series producer, Kenichiro Takaki, has expressed concern over the shift in content regulations for games and what this will mean for the future of upcoming title Senran Kagura 7EVEN.   When asked about his thoughts on Sony’s increasingly strict regulations […]Read More

Senran Kagura Burst delayed owing to Sony censorship

Sony would appear to be flexing it’s muscles recently in enforcing what things it is allowing on PS4, with the latest target in the firing line being Senran Kagura Burst RE:Newal, which has had its release date delayed by Sony taking umbrage with the in-game ‘Intimacy Mode’.   This was revealed via XSEED’s Twitter account […]Read More

Gal Gun Double Peace Censorship Non-Existent, ESRB Rating & Other

With PQube having finally released a super soon release date of just next month, the next question on everyone’s lips seems to be about Gal Gun Double Peace censorship. Namely, is there any? On announcement PQube stated they would bring the game over “intact”. And it looks like they’ve delivered.     Just recently PQube’s […]Read More

Dungeon Travelers 2 Censorship – “Content Edits Kept to a

NIS America are publishing Dungeon Travelers 2. They also published Criminal Girls, which was on the receiving end of some controversy regarding its censorship from some groups online. They said they did all they had to on that title to be able to receive an age rating, which is probably fair enough. Naturally, some people […]Read More