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Legal Action Taken Against Dragon Quest X Cheaters

For the first time ever cheaters Dragon Quest X cheaters are facing criminal charges and legal action for hacking the massively multiplayer game. The National Police Agency’s Cyber Crime Division is investigating 5 players accused of hacking with a criminal intent in Dragon Quest X.   The five players are accused of hacking into the code […]Read More

Cheat Code! How to Unlock Pants Urien in Street Fighter

Along with adding some pretty important updates to Street Fighter V (like VS COM), the icing on the cake from Capcom is this neat little trick with Urien, the game’s final DLC character. You can play him in his original “pants-only” outfit from Third Strike! Here’s a look at him and how to do it! […]Read More

McDonald’s McCafé Life Hack – Pro Gamer Life Hacks

My favourite things are gaming and winning. But what happens when you apply a pro gamer’s wiles and wits to life? Me, that’s who. And here I am to show you how to beat the game. The life game. Here’s how to get some delicious free coffee, and get one over the corporations and the […]Read More