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Waifu Wars 2015 Round 2 Part 2 – Road to

We’re really not joking around with this second round. We’re itching to get to the quarter finals, so only the best of the Best Girls remain! The first half of Round 2 was pretty close, but this final half looks downright ferocious! Voting ends 4th Dec at 12pm — tomorrow!   Shia LaBeouf vs. Makise Kurisu […]Read More

Waifu Wars 2015 – full bracket revealed!

It’s here. It’s happening. The votes are in and your Waifu’s have been compiled into a Top 32. Waifu Wars 2015 is about to begin! Now, last year we were accused of somehow ‘being bias’ by a whole bunch of people regarding the grand final in 2014.   Even though the correct way to say […]Read More

Waifu Wars: The Legend of Best Girl – WINNER

Waifu Wars: The Legend of Best Girl took its toll on us all. Loyalties were tested, emotions laid bare, and more than one person left an angry comment on our blog posts. But in the end there could only be one winner, only one could stand tall above the rest and claim that hallowed title […]Read More

Waifu Wars: The Legend of Best Girl – Final

Who’d have thought the semi-finals would have gotten so close? It was really down to the wire for most of it. But in the end Naoto and Chie stood victorious, ready to do battle over who was indeed best girl. There can be only one winner, so place your vote below. But first, let’s look […]Read More

Waifu Wars: The Legend of Best Girl – Semi-Finals

We’ve all come a long way since Waifu Wars: The Legend of Best Girl first began. We’ve voted for our faves, cried over the defeats, and viciously cursed over social media. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth releases tomorrow, when we’ll be voting on the final best girl once and for all. Until then, make […]Read More

Waifu Wars: The Legend of Best Girl – Quarter-Finals

We’ve come pretty far now. Waifu Wars: The Legend of Best Girl has now reached its quarter-finals. Only some of the bestest of the best girls remain now, all decided by community vote. But this battle is far from over. Only one can stand victorious. By the release of Persona Q we’ll finally know for […]Read More

Ultimax Rice Digital Showdown: Winner Revealed

It was a difficult battle between two excellent fighters, but a winner had to be decided in the end. The battlefield was Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. Our two gladiators, PoshAlligator and Parallel fought one another blindfolded, as it was the only way to make our viewers feel comfortable with their own level of gameplay. Watch […]Read More

Persona Q Pre-Orders Now with Free Chie’s Badge Set &

When we first started taking pre-orders for the rather excellent looking Etrian Odyssey-like Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth we were lucky enough to be able to offer the second half of the Persona tarot card set with each order. Unfortunately due to such high demand we’ve had to stop taking tarot card pre-orders. But […]Read More