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Chrono Trigger’s Time Travel Rules

Did you know that it has been twenty-five years this month since Chrono Trigger was released onto American consoles? Because it is something I have been keenly aware of for the entire year. Chrono Trigger was the formative game of my childhood. I keenly remember being enraptured by the characters and the music and the […]Read More

Which Version of Chrono Trigger Is Right for You?

I don’t think I can overstate just how much I love Chrono Trigger. The music and characters remain some of the best in the JRPG scene and its legacy is still felt today in the way it changed the kind of stories that were told in video games. This is a game that has had […]Read More

Chrono Trigger and the Impact of Choice

Chrono Trigger is a game that is included in (almost) every reputable list of JRPG classics. The 1995 SNES game broke many barriers and brought numerous innovations to not only the genre but also to what sort of stories video games could tell. So much can be said about how it brought us things like […]Read More

Teki And Nick’s Mixtape Quest Adventure Is A Homage To

Video game music historian, Nick Dwyer, has teamed up with DJ Teki Latex to put together ‘Teki And Nick’s Mixtape Quest Adventure’ that pays tribute to classic Japanese video games. The idea is that it’s the first “mixtape as a side-scrolling adventure” and it comes with some amazing artwork.    There are loads of famous tracks […]Read More

The Best JRPGs on Steam

After a slower start, the PC, and specifically Steam, have become a playground full of fantastic JRPG’s. From classics from the PS1 era to brand new releases, there’s something for everyone. But if you’re looking for the cream of the crop, here are the best JRPGs on Steam.   Dragon Quest XI     Plenty […]Read More

SNES Nintendo Switch Games We Want To See Announced

As we reported recently, there has been a datamine made into the retro library attached Nintendo’s online service, which revealed a potential list of SNES Nintendo Switch Online titles.   However, despite that list hitting several high points, with F-Zero, Super Mario All Stars, and Super Metroid, we couldn’t help but think that some games […]Read More

Eight Games That Really Need To Be Remastered

Certain games really do endear themselves to you and never let you go. For me, one of those games was the phenomenal Parasite Eve and it’s sequel. So, with the recent news of Square-Enix renewing the trademark for Parasite Eve, I got a little too excited by the prospect of another game in the series […]Read More

Chrono Trigger’s Second Update on Steam is Live

Chrono Trigger on Steam has received its second update after intense fan backlash caused Square Enix to take another look at the port, and it’s finally getting the love that it wholly deserves. With Chrono Trigger’s second update, the game looks more like its original self.     Check out the game’s second patch notes […]Read More

Chrono Trigger Steam Updates Inbound

There are a few Chrono Trigger Steam updates on their way after fans were disappointed with the game’s port. Lack of options to pick from the updated and original visuals, and no way to modify controls, were at the forefront of complaints, and Square Enix have heard them.   The first patch, which is the […]Read More

Chrono Trigger Steam Issues Are Being Investigated

Chrono Trigger recently released on Steam, and it has received vitriol due to it seemingly being a port of the mobile version of the game. It currently sits at “mostly negative” based on over 300 user reviews, and Square Enix has taken to the Steam forums to assure fans they’re investigating.     You can […]Read More