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Arcade Spirits Coming To Consoles In May

PQube have announced today that Arcade Spirits will be heading to Switch, PS4 and Xbox One on May 1 2020. The news also comes with a new trailer for the romantic comedy visual novel. Arcade Spirits is set mainly within an arcade in the year 20XX, and as with most visual novels, includes plenty of […]Read More

Our PS5 Rumours and Predictions

With hype and marketing ramping up for the next generation, let’s round-up all the PS5 rumours we’ve heard recently, and whether we think they’ll be accurate or not. I’ll also drop in some of what I’d like to see in regards to games, I think there’s a couple of big hitters that Sony could reveal […]Read More

Rabi-Ribi Console Release Date Revealed

The bunny hopping fusion between bullet hell and Metroidvania will be released onto consoles in Europe 1st September 2017, PQube have revealed. This indie hit will be kicking up a storm on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita pretty soon, for console fans to enjoy the excellent mixture of gameplay styles.   After waking up in […]Read More

Rabi-Ribi is Hopping to Consoles This Year

Rabi-Ribi was one of our favourite games of last year when it released on PC, but now it’s coming to consoles in Europe Q3 2017! PQube have announced they will be handling a European release of the game on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. North American news will likely follow.   We described Rabi-Ribi as […]Read More

New Tembo the Badass Elephant 2? May Include More RPG

Okay, okay, it’s actually much more likely it will be for a console Pokémon project. Game Freak hiring for a new 3D CG team members to join a “console” project on an RPG game that is popular on a global scale.” This was spotted by Silicon Era.     Considering you can almost count the number of […]Read More

Nintendo Switch Has a Simple But Elegant Setup

The Nintendo Switch is just days away from its March 3rd launch. In order to be able to dive into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild even faster, Nintendo has posted a video showing the available system settings after first booting up your shiny new console.     The whole setup is visually pleasing […]Read More

NX Launches in March 2017 but Won’t Be at E3

Rumors regarding Nintendo’s mystical console handheld hybrid code-named the NX have been circulating for years now. And it is only now that we finally have some concrete information on this system(s) from the horse’s mouth.     As stated by Nintendo’s Consolidated Financial Statements we may very well see the NX in March next year.   For our dedicated video game platform business, Nintendo […]Read More

Nintendo NX Controller Rumor Almost Confirmed

We’re bringing you freshly leaked images of the possible Nintendo NX controller. Last week what we got was a confusing image and it was hard to make sense of it. NX’s controller design totally looked like a UFO. This week things seem pretty clear – Nintendo is aiming at a more casual crowd with it’s new design.   […]Read More

Leaked Nintendo NX Controller Images

You may be wondering what Nintendo has in store for their upcoming console code-named NX. Everything we heard so far were some half-baked rumors. But today someone has leaked a picture of what is possibly an actual image of Nintendo NX’s controller.     There appears to be a screen running a game on the front of […]Read More

Ten Rare Japanese Games You Can Play on Handheld Android

As of late Android based handheld consoles, such as the BLAZE TAB and JXD, are becoming increasingly popular as not only do they offer the functionality of a traditional tablet but they can also emulate games from all decades.   Of course as fans of Japanese Media we may not be interested in the retro […]Read More