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Pokemon Anime Resumes Production

The mainline Pokemon anime series has resumed production following the lifting of the state of emergency in Japan. Following on from our continued coverage of anime delays due to COVID-19, it’s nice to start to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Japan recently came out of its state of emergency due to […]Read More

Capybara Social Distancing Is The Best Social Distancing

Izu Shaboten Zoo in Shizuoka, Japan, has a novel way of enforcing social distancing guidelines in their restaurants – it uses fluffy capybara plushies. Japan is out of its state of emergency, but social distancing is still in place in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and while this means venues can re-open, it […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV Is the Perfect Game for the Lockdown

Final Fantasy is always a good choice when it comes to spending a lot of time, and that’s something which most of us currently have in surplus. Final Fantasy XV promised to provide more opportunity for that than any other single-player game in the franchise, it consigning the traditional linearity to history and instead putting […]Read More

Delayed Anime and Covid-19

We all know that the coronavirus is impacting pretty much every aspect of our lives, but we in the West have been lucky enough to continue having a wide variety of art delivered to us via TV and streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, ect) without too much in the way of delays. The new […]Read More

Amazing Lace Bra Masks Immediately Sell Out In Japan

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, masks are in incredibly short supply in Japan. Women’s underwear maker, Atsumi Fashion, saw this, and decided to re-tool their equipment to create some quite incredible lace bra masks. Usually, face masks are incredibly easily accessible in Japan, with every convenience store stocking them. Atsumi Fashion are of course […]Read More

13-Year-Old Japanese Girl Makes 600 Masks To Fight Coronavirus

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, it’s great to see people come together. A highlight of which is a 13-year-old Japanese girl, who’s donated 600 masks that she made herself. The masks have various designs, and she said that she’d be happy if they were useful to somebody.     Obviously there are a shortage of […]Read More

GameStop Calls Itself ‘Essential Retail’ During Coronavirus Pandemic

US video game store GameStop have decided to stay open during the Coronavirus pandemic, and have dubbed themselves as an ‘Essential Retail’ store. In case you didn’t know, that puts them in the same bracket as Supermarkets and Chemists. They have however, updated their policies to offer a more hygienic service.     GameStop released their […]Read More

Animal Crossing New Horizons Amazon Orders Delayed

Following on from the news that some Final Fantasy VII Remake copies won’t arrive on time, it appears that Animal Crossing New Horizons Amazon orders are facing the same dilemma. A number of users on Twitter have shared emails from Amazon announcing delays, even though the game is due out today, March 20.     […]Read More

You Might Not Get Your Copy Of Final Fantasy VII

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, things are being delayed and cancelled all over the place. Luckily, Square Enix have announced that the Final Fantasy VII Remake doesn’t face such a delay, but they have warned that you may not get a copy on launch – depending on supply.   In a statement via the […]Read More

Pokemon GO Coronavirus Changes Put Into Action

It’s been a heavy few days when it comes to Coronavirus news, and plenty of events are (rightfully) being cancelled or postponed. Pokemon GO is an interesting case study in this period however, and Niantic have been speaking to Polygon about how they’re making it easier for players who can’t go outside as much.   […]Read More