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12 Sexy Fire Emblem Cosplay To Help You Find Your

One of the best things to come out of Fire Emblem is the waifu’s and husbando’s. Sure, the games are great, and the combat makes things interesting and tactical. But let’s be honest, I’m not here for that. I’m here for the new best girls to make their debuts. I’ve decided it’s time to collate […]Read More

MCM London October 2018 Cosplay Montage – Rice Digital @

Another year, another exciting trip to MCM London! And what would a trip to any con be worth without a round-up highlighting the event’s splendid cosplay? So here’s our MCM London October 2018 cosplay montage!   There were some amazing groups of cosplayers this time around – it’s so nice to see loads of people […]Read More

MCM London Comic Con October 2017 Cosplay Music Video

Thanks to everyone who appeared in the cosplay music video! And everyone who came out to say hi! Please comment with your links if you’re in it, and we will add you to the video description!     Music is “You Say Run + Jet Set Run (You Say Run V2) VERSION 2” by Jiko […]Read More

Cospa to Release Persona 5 Jackets Supervised by Shigenori Soejima

Japanese clothing company Cospa, known for their cosplay costumes, will be releasing official Persona 5 jackets based on Ann’s and Futaba’s outfits! Persona 5 Character Designer Shigenori Soejima is supervising Cospa on the colouring, texture, structure, and silhouette of the items. They look amazing, and have lots of detail!   Ann Takamaki’s Hoodie Available for […]Read More

Detective Conan Criminal Costume is a Creepy Cosplay

Have you ever wondered if your neighbours think you’re weird? Well, if you’re looking to confirm it for them then you can pick up the Detective Conan criminal costume, where you can then get a warning from either the police or your landlord. Or just go grab a meal deal. Own your style, man!     […]Read More

Game of Nopes – Harrison’s £5 MCM Gift Challenge

£5, but one person to impress! The Rice Crew from the May 2017 MCM Comic Con had to secretly buy each other gifts.  Harrison battles his own lack of pop culture knowledge to try to find Daniel something he’ll actually like.     As usual you can follow us on YouTube here.   And you […]Read More

MCM May 2017 Cosplay Montage – Rice Digital @ MCM

We had a great time at London MCM Comic Con in May this year! There was some great weather (with some small patches of rain), and tonnes of great people — from fans to full-on cosplayers. We crammed as many of you as possible into this montage video, so take a good look!     […]Read More

Sexy Persona 5 cosplay

It was only a matter of time before I listed some sexy Persona 5 cosplay . You know it, I know it – it’s fair to say sexy Persona 5 cosplay listing was a ‘thing’ that ‘needed’ to happen. You could even be forgiven for give for asking – “ILJG, why haven’t you posted Sexy […]Read More