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Senran Kagura cosplay gallery

To celebrate the recent launch of Senran Kagura Burst in the UK for the Nintendo 3DS (you can pick up your own copy of it here if you haven’t already) we thought we would would round up a gallery of some of our favourite Senran Kagura cosplay from across the globe. Is it safe for […]Read More

Sexy Halloween Cosplays

I didn’t come here to mess around. It’s Halloween. I like cosplay. I REALLY like Halloween Cosplay. And I REALLY REALLY like Halloween Cosplay if it’s surrounding sumptuous fleshy lady bits of delectable proport- [-snip, ILJG you don’t half labour the bloody point! We get it – you’re a pervert, now get on with it […]Read More

Sexy Pokemon cosplays that you may find arousing

We’ve all been there. One minute you’re brain deep in your weekly Excel spreadsheet report – the next, you notice your boss leave for the morning, and before you know, it you’re frantically searching deviant art for sexy Pokemon cosplays because you were thinking of buying Mystery Dungeon at lunchtime.      And if you weren’t […]Read More

The Cosplays of Katta Ramos

I thought I’d do a quick post today on the cosplays of Katta Ramos. I’ve posted some of her stuff on my Facebook page in the past, so thought I’d share them here too. Below you’ll find just some of my favourites as well as a link to more of her work.      If […]Read More

2chan Hot topics: Outrageously Hot ‘Cosplays’.

Amongst the hot topics today is this collection of “high quality” cosplay pics.  They look like awesome cosplays to me but many 2chan users argue that these are photos of good looking girls – not good cosplays. So this has got me thinking. What makes a good cosplay pic? Is using photoshop ok? or does […]Read More

What happens when girls dress up as Mario?

I like Mario. I also like girls. When you put both together I’ll admit, I feel somewhat…. conflicted. And then, when no one is in the office, I go completely nuts and hit google image search and then just stare at the pictures of girls dressed as Mario and tell myself over and over it’s […]Read More

2Chan Hot Topics: The Cosplay Weight Loss Sensation

Currently hot on 2Chan is the tale of the Taiwanese girl who lost 20kg (44 lbs) in order to be a better cosplayer – here pictured as Lum from Urusei Yatsura. From where we’re sitting, she did a pretty good job. Hit the link for more of her cosplays including Okami’s Amaterasu, Lollipop Chainsaw’s Juliet […]Read More