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3 Arrested for One Piece Crimes

Three people have been arrested in Japan for crimes against One Piece. We all know that One Piece is a big deal, but I was surprised to see people getting arrested over it. The people in question allegedly violated the Copyright Act by posting One Piece scans online before they were even “published”.   The […]Read More

The Silver Case Review – Kill The Past (PS4)

This remaster on PlayStation 4 and PC is actually the first time The Silver Case has been released in English. 18 years is a long time, especially for such a landmark title in the history of Suda 51 and Grasshopper. But, thanks to being primarily a visual novel with some very, very light adventure and puzzle […]Read More

The Silver Case Preview (PS4) – Delightfully Old School

A remake of The Silver Case has had a troubled history. Originally released on PSOne in 1999 it’s one of Suda 51 and Grasshoper Manufacture’s earliest games. Suda 51 has wanted to bring it west for some time, but shelved a DS remake. Now with a just released PC port and upcoming PS4 release we’re finally getting […]Read More

Legal Action Taken Against Dragon Quest X Cheaters

For the first time ever cheaters Dragon Quest X cheaters are facing criminal charges and legal action for hacking the massively multiplayer game. The National Police Agency’s Cyber Crime Division is investigating 5 players accused of hacking with a criminal intent in Dragon Quest X.   The five players are accused of hacking into the code […]Read More

Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors Review (PS Vita)

Last year’s Criminal Girls Invite Only was a Vita port of the naughty 2010 PSP title. It had its fair share of problems but ultimately it was unique game worthy of playing. Very little has actually changed in Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors making the entire experience more of a side-story than a true evolution […]Read More

Criminal Girls Invite Only Review (PS Vita)

Made by Imageepoch the company behind, Fate/Extra, Black Rock Shooter: The Game, and Time and Eternity, Criminal Girls: Invite Only is a Vita port of their 2010 PSP title. This game is probably most famous for its “discipline” mini-games, which thankfully were not cut from the western version.     You are hired as a guard for a set of delinquent girls. […]Read More

New Criminal Girls Screenshots

You may have noticed that here at Rice Digital we generally have a soft spot for, uh, certain types of games. What can we say? They speak to us. Without a doubt, then, we’re definitely looking forward to NIS America and Nippon Ichi’s Criminal Girls: Invite Only, and for what we can only assure you […]Read More