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Girls Und Panzer Designer: BBC Documentary is “Fake News, National

A recent BBC documentary, Stacey Dooley Investigates: Young Sex For Sale in Japan, investigated the sexualisation of young women in Japan. It included a lot about anime and manga, including specifically referencing Girls Und Panzer and Yuyushiki. Oddly, these are both pretty tame when considering media of that sort.   More strange is that despite […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to

When Go! Go! Nippon! not-so-recently made it through the Steam Greenlight process, it was inevitable that it would make it onto these visual novel spotlights. While the game is more tourist-centred than the usual title, Go! Go! Nippon! incorporates a few VN and dating sim aspects to give it that extra appeal.     After […]Read More

Top 8 Japanese Fetishes

Tired of looking at photos of nurses, maids, robots and those other ‘normal’ fetishes of yours? Do you need something more obscure? Then let me introduce you to the fascinating world of obscure Japanese Photo albums – where some of the most bizarre fetishes come alive! We’ve picked out some of the weird and wonderful […]Read More

Japan Explained : Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day or ?????? is a day in Japan where women will give chocolates to men. Unlike western countries, gifts like cards, flowers or dinner dates are uncommon – it’s all about giving the right amount of chocolates. They don’t just give their loved ones chocolate, though – women can give multiple kinds of chocolates […]Read More

Is it Accurate? Top 5 Anime heroines that men in

Ever wonder how Japanese see us ‘foreign’ anime/game fans? Well here’s a poll from MyNavi, a Japanese news site, asking it’s users, “Which anime heroines do you think foreigners would like to meet the most?” Have to admit, apart from Rei – this poll is way off… for me anyway…. ; )       […]Read More