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Our Guide To Otome Games

Welcome to our Guide To Otome Games. If you’re looking to jump in to the genre, we’ll get you started on the right foot with some brief information on what to expect from this ever growing style of game and we’ll give you some recommendations on what to play first!   What Are Otome Games?   […]Read More

The First Hour of Project Sakura Wars

Famitsu just broadcasted the first hour of Project Sakura Wars gameplay, and it’s looking just lovely. The game is due to be released in Japan on December 12, 2019 on PS4. The West will have to wait a while longer, with a Spring 2020 release date attached.    Somewhat of a soft reboot, Project Sakura […]Read More

Has Happy Manager VR Been Quietly Cancelled? (Still Coming to

It could just be an omission, but the website for D3’s upcoming Happy Manager has been updated, and mention of the PlayStation VR format has been removed. We’ve not heard much from this game at all since TGS 2016, so it’s possible there might have been some issues with development.   The game was originally […]Read More

Princess Maker 3: Fairy Tales Come True Review (PC)

It’s been less than a year since we got the first official release of Princess Maker in the west and we are already now on the third installment. Princes Maker 3 introduces numerous changes to the franchise. And while not all are positive, this makes the game feel unique in its own way.     […]Read More

Princess Maker Refine Review (PC)

Princess Maker puts you up with the hardest game ever – parenthood. You adopt a 10-year-old orphan girl and it is up to you to raise her into an elegant princess, future hero of the kingdom or another slightly less ambitious career path, before she hits her 18 birthday and ends her days laboring away […]Read More

Princess Maker 2 Refine Review (PC)

Made by non-other than Gainax Studios, the minds behind the legendary Evangelion anime, Princess Maker is a series that sadly never made it to the west, until now. I was excited for this game, but despite that, it somehow managed to blow away all my expectations regardless.     The story of Princess Maker 2 wouldn’t feel […]Read More

Princess Maker 2 Hitting Steam This October

Princess Maker is one of those unique franchises that somehow never made it to western shores. It might be because of the potentially risqué set up, or just the fact that dating sims never hit off in the west, but that is about to change.     Originally released in 1996, Princess Maker 2 was as close […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: Sunrider Academy

With a larger variety of games arriving on Steam, the good old time management sim is making a comeback, this time in the form of Sunrider Academy. While those who have jumped on the stat-raising giant Long Live The Queen might recognise the genre, Sunrider Academy brings the classic school dating sim back, with a few […]Read More

Interview: Ryan Koons on HuniePop

After our recent review of the HuniePop dating sim, we have managed to get in touch with Ryan Koons, an ex-Insomniac developer, who was the main person in charge behind HuniePop. We got to ask him some questions regarding the development process, future plans and dating advice, and we got some really interesting answers.   […]Read More

HuniePop Review (PC)

HuniePop is a game that has got a lot of bad rep in the last few months, because of the whole Gamergate controversy, and unjustly so. It’s a dating sim title from a western developer, with quite a bit of sexual content. Still it adds something fresh by featuring a surprisingly deep tile-matching puzzle for […]Read More