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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot DLC Allows You To Go Super

The first Dragon Ball Z Kakarot DLC has been revealed in Japan! It will add a new episode named ‘A New Awakening (First Part) – Whis’ Training’. The episode will allow you to unlock plenty of new abilities, and eventually, reach Super Saiyan God Goku and Vegeta.     We always knew DLC was incoming […]Read More

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Tips and Tricks

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a big game, and you may get a bit caught up in what to do next, with this in mind we’ve put together a list of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot tips to get you moving in the right direction, and so you can make the most out of the game’s […]Read More

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Review

It’s the first big release of the DECADE, it’s a Dragon Ball game, and it’s LONG. It’s a game that tries to be more, but doesn’t always succeed. This is one of the best retellings of the anime ever, and it’s a fun ride, that doesn’t quite reach it’s maximum potential. Here’s our Dragon Ball […]Read More

2020 Video Game Releases Calendar – Rice’s Picks

There are 8 trillion video games coming out in 2020, as well as a brand new console generation. With that in mind, we’re not going to list every one of the 2020 video game releases. But we are going to list any games we think you might be interested in, along with what we’re excited […]Read More

Watch The Opening Movie of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

We just got the opening movie for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot! This gives us an introduction to the world (Spoilers, it’s Dragon Ball). It’s also filled with some flashy animation and screams from Goku. The game releases on January 17 in the West on PS4, Xbox One and PC.   Catch the opening movie here: […]Read More

Dragon Ball Z KAI Final Chapters Review (Anime)

Dragon Ball Z Kai is the condensed version of the original Dragon Ball Z, aiming to be truer to the manga with no filler. It may have taken a while for Manga UK to get Final Chapters to the UK, but it’s arguable that the Buu Saga has never been better.     With all […]Read More

Android 17 is Coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ

Android 17 will be the final character to come to Dragon Ball FighterZ as part of its first season pass, and he will be based on his Dragon Ball Super appearance. The information was revealed in the latest issue of V-Jump, and he will arrive with Cooler later this month.   That’s not all though, […]Read More

Base Goku and Vegeta Head to Dragon Ball FighterZ

Bandai Namco has announced that Base Goku and Base Vegeta will be the next DLC characters to join Dragon Ball FighterZ, and this matches up with the leaks that came out months ago. This means that it’s likely we will see Cooler and Super’s Android 17 come to the game as the final characters of […]Read More

Dragon Ball Super Part Three Review (Anime)

Dragon Ball Super Part Three is where the series breaks away from the shackles of Battle of Gods and Resurrection ‘F’ and begins to explore new content with the Universe 6 saga. Beerus’ brother, Champa, makes a sudden arrival and puts into motion between Universes 6 and 7. Exciting stuff!   We already know from […]Read More