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Torture Schoolgirls in Deception IV

Deception IV: Another Princess is the updated version of last year’s Deception IV: Blood Ties. Aside from a bunch of new features, including an all new story, characters and modes, it is also getting modern day stages with all new contemporary traps.       The first location shown was the Kokumeikan Academy’s gymnasium. You will be able […]Read More

More Sadistic Fun In Deception IV: Another Princess

After a 9 year wait Tecmo Koei has decided to fully revive this franchise. Despite its sadistic nature and sexy presentation, Deception IV still managed to fly under most people’s radar last year. So this year Deception makes a return with Deception IV: Another Princess, which is an updated version of last year’s title, bringing […]Read More

Top Last Minute 2014 Deals

The year is almost over but we’re not through providing some last minute 2014 deals yet, no sir! We’ve still got awesome games with awesome goodies so I’m going to outline some of the best video games bargains on the Rice Store for you to add to your ever-expanding backlog of titles!     Persona […]Read More

Deception IV: Blood Ties Review (PS3)

Released as Kagero: Dark Side Princess in Japan, Deception IV: Blood Ties come from a very unique lineage of trap games. Here instead of directly attacking the enemies you play as a girl who must use traps in order to conquer her foes.     The story follows Laegrinna, the Devil’s daughter. She along with […]Read More