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Digimon Adventure Anime Trailer Released

We’ve got a sneak peek at the new Digimon Adventure anime from Toei! The new series will tell a fresh story in the Digimon universe but it’ll still feature the classic characters, known as the ‘DigiDestined’ – so you won’t feel too lost if you’re a long time fan!     Watch the trailer:   […]Read More

New Teaser Image for Upcoming Digimon Adventure Movie

Last year, a new Digimon Adventure movie was announced, following the key characters when they’re in their twenties. It’s cute to have all these different iterations that let us see the DigiDestined grow up! Now, the first teaser image for the upcoming film has been revealed, featuring Tai and Agumon.   It’s a very simple […]Read More

Digimon Adventure Tri Loss Review (Anime)

Digimon Adventure tri.: Loss is the fourth of six movies and whilst I’ve raved about the other three, which improved with each installment, Loss is the weakest so far due to how little it furthers the plot. With how the previous movie ended though, this was always set up to be a slow movie.   […]Read More

Win Digimon Adventure S1 and Digimon Adventure Tri Saikai!

We’ve teamed up with Manga UK to give one lucky winner a chance to win Digimon Adventure Season One on DVD, and Digimon Adventure Tri: Saikai collector’s edition (the first Tri movie) on Blu-ray! Digimon Adventure Tri: Confession releases on 18th December, so what better way to get caught up?     To enter, all you […]Read More

Digimon Adventure Tri Confession Review (Anime)

A virus is breaking out in the digital world, and Izzy is frantically working to cure it so that the Digi-Destined’s friends don’t all become corrupted and wild. Meiko’s partner, Meicoomon, has escaped after murdering Leomon, showing that the stakes now are higher than they’ve ever been.   This movie mostly focuses on Izzy, T.K. […]Read More

Digimon Adventure Tri Saikai Review (Anime)

Whoever thought we would get a sequel to the original Digimon story, huh? I’m a massive fan of Digimon and love the adventures of Tai and friends — I was ecstatic when a series of movies were announced! If the sequels are anything like Saikai, then we’re in for something special.   With the gang […]Read More

Digimon Adventure Review (Anime)

I’ve been waiting to own Digimon Adventure on DVD (well, Blu-ray but that’s not happening) for a long time and it’s finally coming as of October. I’ve checked the series’ official release out and I’m pleased to say that Digimon still holds up as a fantastic show and that’s not just nostalgia talking!   The […]Read More

Digimon All-Star Rumble Review (PS3/360) – Party Game or Fighting

Whether a fighting game roster is considered a “spoiler” is often up for debate among online communities. Super Smash Bros. often finds itself at the centre of this debate, the roster for which is usually revealed through carefully scheduled announcements, which were spoiled with a leak. Digimon All-Star Rumble‘s roster can tell you most of what […]Read More