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Disgaea RPG launching globally spring 2021

ForwardWorks have announced that Boltrend Games will be handling the global release of Disgaea RPG, a mobile gacha game based on Nippon Ichi Sofware‘s SRPG series. Disgaea RPG features characters from most games in the franchise, with the gameplay itself being closer to a standard turn-based RPG with no grid based movement. The game’s original […]Read More

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny gets a story trailer

After detailing Disgaea’s history, NIS America have moved on to teasing a little more about Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny‘s story. A new story trailer goes over some of the plot points that have already been revealed, including protagonist Zed’s battle against the God of Destruction. Zed grows ever stronger through Super Reincarnation, letting even […]Read More

New Disgaea 6 trailer shows off the series’ history

Nippon Ichi Software has released the second trailer for the upcoming Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny. It features a better look at the new 3D models on the battle grid, a recap of the series’ history starting in 2003, and some very, very big numbers! It also shows some of the new quality of life […]Read More

Disgaea 1 Complete Review (PS4) – Not Completely Engaging

I’m not hugely familiar with Disgaea, having some experience with Disgaea 2 and not much else, so Disgaea 1 Complete felt like the perfect doorway to this iconic strategy series all nice and prettied up on PS4 and Switch. Unfortunately, it seems Disgaea 1 Complete went back to basics a little too enthusiastically for its own […]Read More

Steam Summer Sale 2017 – The Biggest Deals for Japanese

The Steam Summer Sale is back! It’s one of a handful of massive sales Steam runs throughout the year, but there’s something about the summer one that just feels so… fresh. These days, all the games are at their maximum discount day one. This can make it harder to find the mega, mega deals on […]Read More

Disgaea 5 Complete Review (Switch)

Disgaea is a franchise that always feels most at home on a portable system. Granted, nothing can beat playing your 100-hour adventure in a comfy couch on a big TV, but the sheer length of these titles made them perfect on the go. The Switch version brings the best of both worlds. And while it […]Read More

Disgaea 5 Complete Opening Movie and Screenshots

With the release of Disgaea 5 Complete for Nintendo Switch just mere months away, NIS America has decided to shower us with a bunch of new screenshots as well as the opening video for this upcoming port.       Like always, this portable version of Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance will come with all the DLCs from the PlayStation 4 counterpart. This will […]Read More

Disgaea 5 Complete Marks the Return of the Franchise to

Be it while commuting to work or spending many sleepless nights in bed, leveling each of your dysfunctional but cool looking party members to the legendary level 9999, Disgaea is a series that I always feel is best played on a portable system. However with the slow and inevitable demise of the PlayStation Vita the future of its portable installments […]Read More

MCM October 2016 Cosplay Montage – Rice Digital @ MCM

As usual MCM had some great cosplay! Here our some of our highlights from London MCM October 2016! Spot yourself? Leave your details in a comment and we’ll add you to the description! ^-^     Thanks to everyone who came by the stand at MCM! It was great to meet you all. A bunch […]Read More