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Gal Gun Panty Race at MCM May 2017

What better game for a stage show than Gal Gun Double Peace? This year we forced, er, I mean, coerced, er, I mean, encouraged attendees to enter our “panty race”. Two people go head to head trying to fit as many pairs of panties tightly onto their body as possible. And is that… Is that […]Read More

Blaster Master Zero Ekoro DLC Arrives for Free for a

Blaster Master Zero is a very charming revisitation of the Blaster Master series on Switch from Inti Creates — the masters of that retro-feel. They’ve already added Gunvolt into the game from their Azure Striker Gunvolt series, and now they’re also adding the angel of love, Ekoro from Gal Gun!     You can pick […]Read More

Gal Gun Banned in New Zealand – FVLB Calls Sexualisation

After that business in Australia I’d thought it was all over. The sense of victory I’d felt looking over the shelves and shelves of Gal Gun boxes in EB Games, only to have that crushed as employee after employee swiftly ran out, swiping the boxes off the shelves into buckets, pots, tins — whatever they could […]Read More

Gal Gun Pheromone Z DLC Coming to Steam

As we wrote earlier Gal Gun Double Peace has released on Steam with some great success! Currently it’s just the game on its own, but Inti and PQube have told us that we can expect DLC to follow shortly. Inti Creates have even confirmed the coveted Pheremone Z DLC will be coming to Steam.   […]Read More

Gal Gun Double Peace Steam Reaches #1 in Top Sellers

Gal Gun Double Peace Steam released yesterday thanks to Inti Creates and PQube, and it’s already been whipping up a storm worldwide on PC. Gal Gun Double Peace managed to crack in at #1 in the Top Sellers within the space of a few hours.     This is of course great news, not only […]Read More

Gal Gun Steam is Out Now, New Launch Trailer Released

Today’s the day you’ve all been waiting for, as Gal Gun Steam finally drops onto your PCs. Inti Creates and PQube are releasing a PC port of their recent title Gal Gun Double Peace, and it’s a pretty good one!   Check it out on Steam here.     Gal Gun‘s Steam release features Steam […]Read More

Gal Gun Steam Release Confirmed, Drops This Month

You’ve all been asking for it, and PQube have finally confirmed it! PQube will be publishing Inti Creates’ moetastic rail shooter on Steam, and it’s coming a lot sooner than you might think. Gal Gun Steam is happening this month. THIS MONTH.     Gal Gun Double Peace will drop on steam 27th September 2016. […]Read More

Gal Gun Double Peace Splatoon DLC? New DLC Bundle Released!

PQube have just released a third Gal Gun Double Peace DLC bundle which contains four costume packs! And yes, that does look like Gal Gun Double Peace Splatoon DLC, but it’s not. It seems to be a homage to Nintendo’s new IP, and is even called the “You’re a Squid Now” set!   Buy the […]Read More