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Doujin Classics: Blood-Over (PC)

Brought by 9th Night, a company that may not be too well known, Blood-Over is one of the two games released when they were active. Featuring fast paced gameplay, 3D visuals and an impressive story Blood-Over gives off a high-production feel.     Blood-Over features a decent plot. The tale begins with you and your trusty maid, […]Read More

Doujin Classics: Fushigina Morino Pokora

In Fushigina Morino Pokora you play as a little girl who is trying to catch cute creatures called Pokora which are stealing acorns. Featuring some adorable visuals and innovative controls this game quickly breaks from the mold placed by other games.     Your goal in this game is to catch as many Pokora as you can […]Read More

Doujin Classics: Lethal Application

With a name like a virus, Lethal Application is an interesting doujin game. You have to reach the top of the level by propelling yourself with the recoil from your weapon. Initially released as a commercial title this game was re-released as a free downloadable game in order to promote its sequel, Lethal Crisis.   […]Read More