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NieR Automata Ships More Than 1.5 Million

Just last month NieR: Automata’s sales exceeded one million. Now, Square Enix just tweeted that NieR: Automata managed to pass the 1.5 million mark in shipped copies and digital sales.       PlayStation®4/Steam向けアクションRPG『NieR:Automata』世界累計出荷・ダウンロード販売本数が150万本を突破いたしました。発売後もサポートいただき、誠にありがとうございます。 #NieR #ニーア pic.twitter.com/IcSRDctAAG — NieR公式PRアカウント (@NieR_JPN) May 30, 2017   It’s great to see that this sequel to the underappreciated PlayStation 3 classic […]Read More

A Nier Sequel – Why Did Nier Automata Happen?

It’s widely thought to be a pretty good thing that Nier has received a sequel – and indeed, Rice’s very own Kitsumeda was rather enthusiastic about it in an early preview. It initially seems, though, more than a little surprising that a sequel has actually happened, considering that the first game got unquestionably middling reviews. […]Read More

NieR Automata New Forest Zone Screenshots

Everything screams NieR in this newest batch of screenshots, making us remember everything we loved about the 2010 original. NieR Automata has that desaturated color pallet, sprawling castles and dilapidated modern day cities from a bygone era overgrown with lush vegetation.       Even the new foes we encounter have that eerie feeling of the unknown. Once loyal protectors […]Read More

NieR Automata New Character and Gameplay Videos

One of the biggest surprises last year wasn’t Shenmue 3, Final Fantasy VII or even the revival of the Last Guardian. It was NieR Automata. After the mediocre reception of the original back in 2010 and the heavily criticized Drakengard 3, we were sure the franchise would be lost in gaming limbo.   NieR is a part […]Read More

Drakengard 3 Review (PS3)

It’s finally time for the long overdue review of Drakengard 3. My excitement for this title was the main reason why I took on the endeavor of covering the entire Drakengard franchise. Unfortunately the end title failed to meet expectations from critics to fans alike and shows what happens when a less experienced company works on an established […]Read More

Drakengard Retrospective: Interviews

With all the major titles covered, we will close the retrospective by taking a look at the initial concept behind Nier. After that we’ll focus on the developer interviews for the newest installment in the series, Drakengard 3.     Contents   Intro Drakengard Drakengard Mobile Drakengard: Judgement Drakengard 2 Lord of Vermilion Nier Grimoire Nier Nier […]Read More

Drakengard Retrospective: Nier

While technically a spin off, Nier picks up where the final ending of the original Drakengard left us. How can anything continue after a rhythmic showdown versus a huge statue in the middle of modern day Japan? Stick by and find out.     Contents   Intro Drakengard Drakengard Mobile Drakengard: Judgement Drakengard 2 Lord […]Read More

Drakengard Retrospective: Drakengard 2

This week we will take a look at Drakengard 2, the successor to the original title. This game brought many improvements, but also made changes which angered fans. Later in the article we cover Lord of Vermilion, a series which puts Square Enix characters up against one another in an arcade card game.     Contents   Intro […]Read More

Drakengard Retrospective: Drakengard

With Drakengard 3 just out, it’s a good idea to take a look at the history of this unusual franchise and the company behind it. Featuring novel gameplay which blends multiple genres and an extremely dark and deep storyline, Drakengard is one series that shouldn’t be overlooked.     Contents   Intro Drakengard Drakengard Mobile […]Read More